Sunday, 16 June 2024

Scottish Youth Say BreXit Now!
WE AT LIBERAL FUTURE acknowledge that Scotland voted to remain in the European Union –1,661,191 voted to remain with 1,018,322 backing Brexit. However, as we all know, the EU Referendum result was based on the UK vote – and that vote was in favour of Brexit.

We also find it amusing – to say the very least – to note that the establishment has repeatedly asked the electorate to do its ‘democratic duty’ and get out and vote in each and every single election. It doesn’t matter if it’s simply a ward election or something on a grander scale, we’ve been constantly lectured to exercise our franchise.

However, it’s another matter when people go out and vote in their millions against the wishes of the ‘powers that be’ – as in June’s EU Referendum!

Then it’s a case of the establishment claiming that the electorate obviously didn’t understand the question or that voters are not qualified to decide matters of national importance!
Thus we see elements of the establishment desperately trying to slow down (or even trying to derail?) the will of the majority. It seems that democracy is ok so long as the plebs do what they’re told!

In Scotland, first minister Nicola Sturgeon bitterly opposed the overall will of the electorate. Indeed, she announced that she would like to “explore all the possible options to protect Scotland’s place in the EU”

Liberal Future believes that she is acting like a little Hitler, and displays an incredible anti-democratic bias and contempt possibly bordering on hatred for those English and Welsh voters who backed Brexit in their millions.

With this in mind we believe that Peter Oborne writing in the Daily Mail on 17th September was bang on the money when he noted that:

‘The result of the referendum was motivated by a great deal more than rejection of the European Union. It was above all a manifestation of popular revulsion against a political and business establishment which gave Britain the Iraq War, the banking crisis and the biggest national debt in British peacetime history.

This out of touch, arrogant ruling class had failed to control or manage immigration, while tinkering obsessively with British public services to little effect. It governed shamelessly in its own interest, using power not for the sake of the nation but as a means of acquiring wealth.’
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