Saturday, 20 July 2024

Nothing great about wars!

Dear Friends,

Whilst I am an anti-war person, I cannot be disrespectful to those men and women who in all wars, get sacrificed for the ire of war mongers, who plot, design, conceive, impose or trigger wars for multiple reasons. It is true, the beasts of war, are product of socio-political conditions that surface or triggered; into which ordinary folks get sucked into and become casualties, either as dead or injured or dependants having to adjust to the reality of passing away of a family members(s).

As we approach the centenary of the First World War (called Great War – I don’t know what is great about a war!), I offer you my take on war.

Nothing Great about Wars!

Why men call killings Great Wars?
As nothing to be great about
Killing fields full of horrors,
Leaving in its wake, nothing but
A tyranny of memories – a sum
That the war-instigating scum
Neither comprehends nor feels for.

Poppy flowers carpet fields red,
War masters fill fields with blood.
Tame this shame so future not sees,
Human remains on earth and seas!
Women become no war widows,
Orphaned kids not living in woes!
Denounce wars! No wars forever.

As my pen oozes with ink of tears,
On the past wars and ones in progress,
Let my pen firmly scribble to affirm
That humanity, to wars, shalln’t conform,
Let man now and into the future
Never gather men to a furnace of fire.
Let there be death to war mongers ire.


© All rights reserved. Requests for permission to reproduce or translate-whether for sale or non-commercial distribution, should be addressed to Jason @ e-mail

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