Saturday, 20 July 2024

Masters Of Our Own Destiny!

SLOWLY BUT SURELY the National Liberal Party is growing.  Our growth is not wildly spectacular by any means, but at this stage of our development we’re more than happy with small gains here and there.  The NLPs future growth and direction depends on what we do now – so we’re patiently planning, training and building.

For us, such organic growth is far better than a media–induced ‘surge’ which we have no control over.  The last thing we’d want is to be solely dependent on any section of the establishment media.  Whilst we are avid supporters of a free press (1) the NLP would like to be the master of its own destiny!

Despite this organic growth, we are realists.  We recognise that, at the moment, we are in absolutely no position to rock the establishment boat.  However, on saying this, we know that anti-National Liberal elements are watching our progress.  Indeed, the recent European Elections saw several media attacks on our young movement.

One came from an opposition web-site, which specifically attacked two of the NLPs eight London Region candidates. (2)

Both Jagdeesh Singh and Upkar Singh were accused of having links to – and being finanaced by – Pakistan’s Intelligence service, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).  The attack was launched because both Jagdeesh and Upkar were fighting for the rights of their own people – the Sikhs – as well as other communities (for instance Kashmiri, Manipur, Naga and Tamil) across the Indian state.

It is also interesting to note that elements of the establishment media are particularly worried about our calls for self-determination! (3).

Other attacks came from an element of the far-left who dislike our support for self-determinist movements as they would rather the latter be diverted fighting ‘class war struggles’ (4).

We feel that the weeks, months and years ahead will see many more attacks on the National Liberal Party.  These will be ‘based’ upon half-truths, distortions and outright lies.  And as we’ve already noted, “don’t be surprised to read articles that use various techniques like ‘smear by association’, phrases like ‘media speculation, misquoting our spokesmen/or taking their quotes completely out of context and reporting ‘rumours’ and ‘allegations’ as hard ‘facts.’  Don’t say that you haven’t been warned!”

We understand that we cannot stop elements of the establishment media from attacking us.  What we can do, however, is refuse to allow this media to drive our political agenda.  We have a strategy for natural and organic growth and we will be sticking to it.

But for this stategy to work, we need as many non-conformists, liberals, progressive nationalists, free thinkers and libertarians to join and support the National Liberal Party.  If you’re interested in promoting our core values – Liberty, Democracy, Independence and Ecology – then simply follow this link We look forward to hearing from you!





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