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Liberal Future – Beyond Left & Right
LIBERAL FUTURE is the youth wing of the National Liberal Party. Our Facebook page –
groups/706779429376233/ – acts as a political forum for those under 30 who want to get their voice heard.  Here, liberal young adults discuss issues such as self determination and liberty.
One thing that Liberal Future (LF) is passionate about is letting other young adults know that it’s neither a ‘left’ nor ‘right’ wing organisation. Indeed, letting them know that there is another political way available to them.
Indeed, we don’t actually like – or particularly agree with – the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ wing.  LF feels that these descriptions are very restrictive and completely out of date.  Yet elements of the media use them virtually on a daily basis.  It’s almost like they want young people to believe that there’s no alternative to the ‘left’ and ‘right’!
Liberal Future feels that it’s not very helpful – indeed, it’s very lazy journalism – to try to pigeon hole any particular group.  We’re very worried at the ability of elements of the media to give such an easy categorisation to various political groups.  And we’re even more worried that many people accept this categorisation at face value!
We feel that simply labelling an idea, person or group as ‘left’ or ‘right’ stifles political debate.  This is because people believe they know everything about the subject matter simply because of the way that it’s been labelled.  This is particularly so when the media gives an idea, person or group a negatively loaded label or description.
LF feels that these political labels of ‘left’ and ‘right’ are way too restrictive.  Indeed, they’re increasingly meaningless – especially when followers of Tony Blair are referred to as being on the ‘right wing’ of the Labour Party and socially conscious Conservatives as being on the ‘left wing’ of the Tory Party!
To further illustrate this point, LF offers this challenge – can anyone really tell the difference between Tony Blair and David Cameron?  (The only differences that spring to mind are that the ‘socialist’ Blair is possibly wealthier than Cameron and that he’s a better showman?)
With this in mind we feel that we must move beyond the pigeon holes elements of the media like to put us in.  That’s why LF transcends the traditional ‘left’ and ‘right’.  That’s why Liberal Future promotes an ideal that goes way beyond ‘left’ and ‘right’!
FOR MORE information about Liberal Future – the youth wing of the National Liberal Party – click here:
• WE LIVE in a world dominated by the millisecond media.  Therefore, the artwork that accompanies this article represents Liberal Future’s first e-poster – a ‘visual sound bite.’  We would like to hear your suggestions for further e-posters.  Should LF produce e-posters on current issues or should they be more idealistic in tone?  Let us know simply by leaving comments here as soon as you see this article posted up.
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