Tuesday, 25 June 2024

Jagdeesh Says … I represent a fresh, new voice!

The NLP's Jagdeesh Singh is a well-known campaigner for freedom

JAGDEESH SINGH – the National Liberal Party candidate for Ealing Southall – and his hard-working team of front-line activists continue to promote the NLPs message. An important part of his campaign is meeting and speaking to voters in this part of West London.

As Jagdeesh noted:

“Residents that I meet day to day are frustrated with the current and ongoing Labour domination. They want change. I represent a fresh, new voice and representative for Southall, with a commitment to fighting vigorously for Southall in Parliament and with central and local government. I am not part of the political elite or establishment, nor part of a big political machine like Labour. I am new, young, Southall born person, with a fresh passion for Southall diverse communities.

Born in Southall in 1970, Jagdeesh is a well-known campaigner for freedom. He opposes all forms of discrimination and supports human rights for Sikhs, Tamils, Kurds, Dualits and other communities.

He also campaigns for environmental justice and animal rights.

Locally, he believes that Southall is treated as an obscure, back-end of Ealing.”

He says that the area desperately needs a new voice:

“As a non-career politician, I was born, raised and have struggled amongst the diverse people of Southall. I have the fire and passion to fight for Southall’s needs and aspirations. Based on my track record, I will actively and demonstrable take forward the issues affecting Southall’s Sikhs, Tamils, Muslims, Dalits, South Indians, Hindus, Somalis, English, Irish and more.”

He went on to slam the attitude of Labour MP, Virendra Sharma, who has represented the area since 2007. Like many sitting MPs, he seems to treat the area as his personal fiefdom and takes it for granted that people will automatically vote for him.

“People are fed up with the Labour and their sitting MP. They want change. The MP and other political candidates, have a duty to participate in open, public dialogue and listen to the grassroot people of Southall. Problems with run down roads, pollution, litter and grime, failure to represent Sikh, Kashmiri and Tamil human rights issues, and neglect of Southall as an undesirable dump of Ealing – feature strongly in people’s conversations with me.”

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