Sunday, 21 July 2024

Harrow Voice Says … Support Local shops, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses & The Self-Employed!

THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY has spent some time and effort in building the infrastructure of an alternative mass media of news, views and entertainment.  Recently this has taken the form of several e-posters covering atreas as diverse as Devon, Essex, the Isle of Wight and Kent.  (In addition to these e-posters we have produced two issues of the Isle of Wight Voice and issue two of Kent Voice is just out.  We hope to produce the first issue of both Devon Voice and Essex Voice in the very near future).
The e-poster displayed above marks another development in that it relates to the outer London borough of Harrow.  The slogan Support Local Shops, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses & The Self-Employed! will be very familiar to National Liberals – however, why have we used the flag of Middlesex as the background to the e-poster?
One of the main reasons is that Harrow actually started life as a municipal borough of Middlesex.  It became part of Greater London in 1965 when the capital was greatly expanded to take in other areas that used to belong to Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey.
However, many National Liberals believe that London is far too large and that the principle of ‘Small Is Beautiful’ should be applied here.  This would mean that the capital should only consist of what’s known as its inner boroughs – Camden, Greenwich, Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Wandsworth and Westminster.
The outer London boroughs should then revert to their original counties – thus the current London Borough of Harrow would be returned to Middlesex.  Much of Middlesex itself has been incorporated into Greater London and it’s felt that this county should be resurrected.
It has a long and rich history – Middlesex gets its name from the Middle Saxons or Middel Seaxe who settled the area.  It became part of the Kingdom of Essex – land of the East Saxons – but was ceded to Mercia in the 9th century (825).  (Before English unification in 927 under King Æthelstan, Mercia was one of England’s seven main Kingdoms.  The others were Northumbria, East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Sussex and Wessex).
As well as supporting Harrow Voice’s message – that the borough’s local shops, entrepreneurs, small businesses & the self-employed should all be supported – we’d appreciate any thoughts concerning the idea of reducing the size of London by returning Harrow to Middlesex.  As usual, please post your comments when you see this article appear on the National Liberal Party’s Facebook page, the details of which can be found below.
See here
for more information on Middlesex.
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