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From The Liberty Wall – St. George’s Committee Debate (3) – Is Anglophobia A Form Of Racism?

A section of the Bayeux Tapestry depicting the Battle of Hastings and the death of Harold II – the last King of the Anglo-Saxons. Today sections of the British media appear to be as Anglophobic as William the Conqueror!

THE ST. GEORGE’S COMMITTEE wishes to congratulate the organisers of, and those who took part in, the Stone Cross St. George’s Day celebrations –

This year, England’s largest St. George’s Day parade attracted around 10,000 people –
/parade19dh8/ – who walked from Stone Cross to Dartmouth Park in West Bromwich. Here they enjoyed a family fun day, complete with re-enactment groups, Archery a Fun Fair and various stalls.

Other St. George’s Day celebrations included those in Nottingham, where England’s largest St George’s flag was put on display –
central/update/2013-04-23/englands-largest-st-georges-flag-put-up-in-nottingham/ Hampshire and London.

Despite the growing public interest in England’s national day, different elements of the British establishment (including the media and Westminster politicians) either refuse to acknowledge St. George’s Day or vote to make it a public holiday.

As a cultural organisation, the St. George’s Committee would love to see April 23 become a national holiday for England.

However, to some extent, we feel that this will only come about when sections of the British media stop working to – what many of us believe is – an anti-English agenda.

And we’re not the only English advocates who feel that it’s virtually obligitory for sections of the media to attack anyone who promotes Anglo-centric interests or views. These interests and views can range from simply promoting English history, heritage, identity and culture (like ourselves) to advocating English patriotism.

Indeed, how many times have you seen an English avocate simply described as ‘right wing,’ no matter what that person’s own political stance may be?

No doubt early English radical patrots like William Cobbett and William Morris would also be called ‘right wing!’ And God forbid it if anyone advocates some form of English identity politics! They are way beyond the pale – and are automatically branded a ‘racist,’ ‘fascist’ and any other ‘ist’ that comes to mind! Why equate the behavior of a minority of ‘right-wing’ racists who might fly the flag with the majority of English folk who are no such thing?

The St. George’s Committee believes that Celtic nationalists – or the idea of Celtic nationalism – wouldn’t get this treatment.

We can’t recall the last time the media automatically described Celtic nationalism as ‘right wing’. Yet sections of the media seem to adopt this knee-jerk reaction virtually every time when dealing with English patriotism let alone English nationalism.

Are the English not allowed to love their people and their nation? Are the English not allowed to be nationalists? We have nothing against Celtic nationalists – indeed we feel that we can learn lessons from their many years of resistance to Westminster rule. But it’s strange that Celts appear to be allowed their nationalism whereas English nationalism is automatically branded as ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ by the powers that be.

Why shouldn’t the descendants of the Angels, Saxons, Jutes, Danes and Frisians assert their identity? If nationalism is ok for Celts, then what’s the problem with English nationalism? Where’s our parity of esteem?

With all this in mind, the St. George’s Committee simply asks: Is Anglophobia A Form Of Racism?

The debate will be held on the St. George’s Committee facebook page

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