Monday, 20 May 2024

From The Liberty Wall – Total Democracy – NOTA Progress!

THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY has always supported the concept of cross-party co-operation. For centrist parties (whether of the left or right), that which unites us is stronger than those (policies) which divide us. Since we do not believe that any single party can unite the ‘opposition’ to our political system or the ruling three parties, a ‘broad church’ cooperative alliance (not a merger but cross-party campaigning), that appeals across the political (centrist) and social spectrum, just might.
Four founding parties (Democratic Reform Party, People’s Democratic Party, Popular Alliance and the NLP) came together at the end of 2012 to launch Total Democracy, a campaigning body that seeks to maximise our collective strength to the benefit of its members. As the opening press release said, ”We are a co-operation of interested groups who work together on specific campaigns, you opt into the ones that match your values and ignore the ones that don’t.’
Total Democracy hopes to add similar parties, groups and Independents in due course. Indeed it would welcome any and all suggestions of who to include in its ‘broad church’ cooperative alliance.

The first campaign to be run by TD is known as None of the Above (NOTA). NOTA is an attempt (in light of the low turn-outs for the November 2012 police commissioner elections and numerous by-elections since) to have a ‘None of the Above’ option included on the ballot paper. Hopefully, this’ll encourage more people to engage with the political process – even if it’s only to be able register their lack of trust and faith in none of main parties!
In the meantime, the None Of The Above (NOTA) campaign has made some progress. TD has identified some other group(s) who are promoting the issue. For instance, see This particular group has been contacted with a view to working together. We hope to bring you further news in due course.
There is also a (non-governmental) petition that – as this article is being written – is close to breaking the 1,000 barrier. TD would ask that as many people as possible sign and promote it at

Additionally, the Electoral Reform Society has also invited the public to discuss the merit’s of introducing NOTA into our electoral system. Check it out at and express your support at

As we noted earlier, the NLP was one of TDs founding parties. We feel that the foundation of Total Democracy is just the start of cooperative politics and the beginning of a ‘long march’ to change the face of British politics. In reality it is the only alternative strategy in town.
To check out Total Democracy’s facebook page simply click here:
To check out None of the Above’s facebook page simply click here:

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