Friday, 24 May 2024

From the Liberty Wall – St. George’s Committee Debate (3) – How Do We Replace The Negative Media Stereotype Of England And The English?
GENUINE ENGLISH ADVOCATES – like the St. George’s Committee – universally accept that we must do more to promote English history, heritage, traditions, identity & culture. But in doing so, we face massive challenges. But what are these challenges – and how do we overcome them?

The St. George’s Committee (SGC) feels that prehaps the greatest challenge is that presented by sections of the mass media. This is because many invididuals involved in the media appear to be extremely Anglophobic – in that they exhibit an irrational hatred and loathing of England and the English.

This Anglophobia has led them to smear an entire people and nation. Sadly, they’ve been very successful in doing this. For there’s now a sweeping assumption that the English have no separate identity or culture whatsoever and that we are all simply beer-swilling football holigans. In addition, many people feel that the English are inherently racist and imperialist.

Of course all this is all nonsense. We have absolutely no interest in trying to ‘lord it up’ over others by enforcing our customs and traditions on them. No genuine English patriot would advocate this.

Indeed – if truth be told – most ordinary English working folks have more pressing things on their minds. These would include trying to pay bills and making ends meet rather than trying to repace the former British Empire with a new English Empire!

With this in mind, our question to all English advocates is twofold:

• How do we replace the (Anglophobic) negative media stereotype of England and the English?

• How do English patriots build – and promote – a positive image of themselves and what they stand for?

The debate will be held on the St. George’s Committee facebook page

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