Wednesday, 29 May 2024

From The Liberty Wall – St. George’s Committee Debate (2) – Why Does The Establishment Hate The English?
THE ENGLISH are second class citizens in their own country! That’s the opinion of many English advocates who also claim that England and the English are routinely discriminated against by the Establishment.

For instance, the English are discriminated against because England has no Parliament of its own. A measure of devolution has given the Scots a Parliament in Edinburgh, Ulsterfolk have the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont and the Welsh have the National Assembly in Cardiff. The English have nothing!

Whilst Scotland, Ulster and Wales all have some form of ‘Home Rule’, England is saddled with Westminster. Although it’s situated in London, there’s no way on this earth that it can be described as an English parliament! (Indeed, some English advocates would claim that, at best, Westminster is a rich man’s playground – at worst it’s full of scroungers, crooks and wide boys.)

The English are also discriminated against as ‘English’ isn’t on ethnic monitoring forms. It appears that everyone under the sun is allowed to state their ethnicity (as is their right) except the English!

This discrimination continues when English advocates air their wishes, needs, concerns and cultural sensitivities – for instance, St. George’s Day is still not an official holiday. Here, the English are either simply ignored or routinely smeared as ‘racists’, ‘fascists’ or whatever.

English advocates would have some justification in claiming that the Establishment has no interest in England or the English and is deeply Anglophobic. So our question is simple: Why Does The Establishment Hate The English?

The debate will be held on the St. George’s Committee facebook page

• CHECK out the first St. George’s Committee Debate:
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