Thursday, 20 June 2024

From The Liberty Wall – Nations without States – What Must Be Done (13)

Check out our revamped Twitter feed: Twitter/Nations without States

WELCOME to issue 13 of What Must Be Done, the publically-available organising bulletin of Nations without States. NwS supporters are asked to read – and more importantly – act upon the instructions detailed below:

• TWITTER. Nations without States wishes to step up another gear in 2018.  We hope to stage – and support – more demonstrations and produce more publications than ever before.  As a starter, however, we’ve revamped our Twitter feed.  Our Twitter display name is now Nations without States and our Twitter username (or Twitter handle) is @nationswostates. We’ve also started to use the hashtag #SelfDetermination4All much more frequently.  This illustrates our belief that, when it comes to true self-determination, ‘none of us are free until all of us are free’.
With the above in mind, we feel that these changes better reflect the raisin d’etra of Nations without States.  We’d encourage anyone with a Twitter account to follow our Twitter feed – and don’t forget to spread the word about both self-determination in general and Nations without States in particular!
• ZULUS. Nations without States would like to both publicise and promote more national striuglles.  In particular, we’d like to find out more about the Zulu people and their desire for a more secure homeland in an increasingly volatile and corrupt South Africa.  Therefore if anyone has contacts with Zulu people (and for practical reasons, someone preferably currently living in the British Isles) could they contact NwS via Facebook –
– Twitter – @nationswostates – or e-mail – Do it today!
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