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From The Liberty Wall – Nations without States – What Must Be Done (12)

Issue 3 of Nation called for a vote in favour of Brexit. Issue 4 is out soon and will look at Political Self-Determination in the context of the Brexit vote.

WELCOME to issue 12 of What Must Be Done, the publically-available organising bulletin of Nations without States. NwS supporters are asked to read – and more importantly – act upon the instructions detailed below:

• FREEDOM. WE HOPE to devote issues 5 and 6 of Freedom – Street Paper of Nations without States – to the struggles in Sabah and Sarawak respectively.

Both Sabah and Sarawak – situated in northern and northwest Borneo respectively – have briefly enjoyed self-determination.  Sabah has long been an imperial possession of others but became self-governing in August 1963.  Sarawak has a similar history – but was self-governing from July 1963.  Both are now subject to rule by Malaysia.

Malaysian rule is unpopular.  When Sabah and Sarawak were free nations freedom of worship was a constitutional right. Now there is widespread discrimination against non-Muslims.  In addition, anyone can be charged for sedition for merely criticising the Royal Family and Government.

As soon as we have publication dates for these two issues of Freedom we will let everyone know.

• NATION. Issue 4 of Nation – the Newsletter of Nations without States – will be out in pdf form in the very near future.  The last issue of Nation was produced just before the EU Referendum in late June.  Readers may recall that it called for all Self-Determinists to support Britain’s fight to get out of the EU.

This next issue will follow up where issue 3 left off.  It’s lead article – The Brexit Vote … A VICTORY FOR SELF-DETERMINATION – looks at Political Self-Determination in the context of the Brexit vote.

Nation defines Political Self Determionation as ensuring that the ‘collective will of the people as well as the range of political opinions is reflected in decision making. Thus, for example, we favour greater use of Preferendums and Referendums to meet the former, and Proportional Representation to reflect the latter.  We favour a system close to the Swiss model of Direct Democracy.’

It then expands on these ideas.  Thus a Preferendum ‘is a multi-option voting process for use in decision-making’ which allows voters to ‘weight’ their support for all the options and thus ensures majority support for the ‘winning’ option.  In contrast, a Referendum offer a simple ‘Yes/No’ vote for a law or proposal on a particular issue.  The EU Referendum – held on 23rd June was a classic example.

Nation – and Nations without States – believes that popular and ongoing participation is essential to a healthy democracy. Therefore Proportional Representation, a ‘None Of The Above’ (NOTA) option on election ballots and Voter Recall.

Proportional Representation (PR) is more democratic than the First Past The Post’ (FPTP) system which allows for a party to get elected with a minority of the overall votes cast.  ‘PR reflects real voting patterns’. None Of The Above (NOTA) means that the electorate can disapprove of – and reject – all candidates in an election.  If NOTA receives more votes than any ‘live’ candidate various options are open, ‘include re-opening nominations or holding another election’. And Voter Recall means that voters can remove – normally via a petition – an elected official from office through a direct vote before their term has ended.
Nation notes that ‘the successful Brexit vote was a positive act of political self-determination which should eventually lead to national self-determination. We would like to see similar referendums offered globally as part of completing the process of decolonialisation.  People like the Catalans, Flemish, Kurds, Sikhs and Tamils should be allowed to determine their own future’.

Other articles in issue 4 include Free The Captive Nations! (which looks Sabah, Sarawak and Tamil Eelam) and another which takes a look at the Brexit ideas of both Nations without States and our friends at Global Markets Free Nations, ‘a coalition of classical Liberal political parties – such as the National Liberal Party – and  free market groups looking to promote the economic and sociological benefits of leaving the EU’.

It’s anticipated that Nation will be out in early October.  To reserve your FREE pdf copy simply e-mail Do it today!
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