Sunday, 16 June 2024

From The Liberty Wall – National Liberal Trade Unionists Debate (2) – What Should Be Re-Nationalised?

As well as trade unionists, pressure groups like Bring Back British Rail want to re-nationalise the railway system. Check out their web-site:

IN AN AGE where it seems that many activities are

economically constructed to benefit the private sector, many trade unionists are talking about re-nationalising public services such as the railways.

Here, they point to the current system where senior managers make millions out of bids, and where we have the absurdity of different companies charging different amounts for the same route at different times of day. For many trade unionists, the day British Rail makes a reappearance can’t come too soon!

As well as looking at transport, some trade unionists argue that even energy companies should be nationalised. Here they believe that nationalization is necessary because of the inefficiency and profiteering involved. Trade unionists believe that instead of profits going to shareholders, consumers should benefit instead. This can be done via price reductions, which in turn would alleviate poverty throughout Britain.

So the question to be debated is simple – what should be re-nationalised?

• CHECK out the first NLTU Debate:
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