Saturday, 25 May 2024

From The Liberty Wall – National Liberal Trade Unionists – Do Immigrants Cause Unemployment?
THE NATIONAL LIBERAL TRADE UNIONISTS (NLTU) are the latest group from the Liberty Wall to produced their own e-poster.

As can be seen, it effectively looks at the claim – mainly made by the reactionary ‘right’ – that immigration causes unemployment.  The NLTU believes this claim is totally wrong and that the capitalist system is the real culprit.  The resulting artwork (above) pulls no punches here.

Eagle-eyed will note that the NLTU has used US-themed artwork.  Here US dollars are coming out of the ears of the capitalist – as opposed to sterling!  However, this is to illustrate that the problem of (and solution to) unemployment is the same the world over.

But first thing’s first.  We have to accept that we live in a capitalist society.  We may not like it, but capitalism is the world’s dominant social, economic and political system.  It’s a highly unstable and unfair system – it fluctuates between boom and bust at fairly regular intervals and allows for poverty amongst plenty.

However one thing always remains the same.  And that is it’s a system that’s always stacked in favour of a very tiny minority as opposed to the vast majority.

The NLTU is anti-capitalist (both national and international varieties) and relies on millions of people as a whole.  It exploits the third world, it’s wasteful, destroys the natural world and produces a load of rubbish.

The capitalist system is also to be opposed as it views all working folks (both blue and white collar) as mere worker ants.  At the end of the day, everyone is expendable.  It’s a ‘dog-eat-dog’ system whereby profit is the name of the game.

Capitalism knows no loyality or compassion.  It’s the sole ‘mover and shaker’ behind the whole move towards globalisation.  Indeed, it’s the only beneficiary of the policy of allowing free movement of capital and labour. This is why various industries are happy enough to ‘up sticks’ and chase – and exploit – lower wages across the globe.

At the same time capitalism encourages immigrants from poor and under-developed countries to move to ‘richer’ and more industrialised nations.  The immigrants move as they – understandably – want to improve their lives.

It should come as no surprise that capitalism views these poor immigrants with contempt.  They are far easier to exploit and manipulate than indigenous workers as the latter tend to be unionised and reasonably familiar with their rights in respect of pay and conditions.  Illegal immigrants are even easier to manipulate.  In short, immigrants are victims of the capitalist system.

To recap, the reason for high-levels of immigration is because importing large numbers of people into any country is, as far as the capitalist elite is concerned, a long-term investment.  The indigenous elderly – as well as the indigenous underclass, of course – do not fill their coffers to the same extent and are therefore expendable.

The NLTU is against mass – and unrestricted – immigration.  Our opposition is based on grounds of sustainability, a democratic deficit (in that ordinary working folks were never asked if they were in favour of immigration) and the fact that immigrants are used as slave labour and tax fodder to keep the the super-rich elite in their plush lifestyles.

We’re also opposed to the idea that immigration is the main cause of unemployment.  The nations of Britain have always had periods of unemployment – even when their workforce consisted of indigenous workers.  As our e-poster notes the capitalist system is the real problem – and it is our task to replace this system with a Distributist system whereby the ownership of property and the means of production, distribution and exchange are as widespread as possible.

• THE NATIONAL LIBERAL TRADE UNIONISTS would appreciate any feedback on our first e-poster.  Secondly, we’d really appreciate any ideas – including links to photographs and/or artwork – you may have for future e-posters.  Just post them up on in the comments section of the National Liberal Trade Unionists Facebook page when this article appears.

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