Saturday, 18 May 2024

From The Liberty Wall – 4WR – First 4WR E-Poster
THIS IS the very first e-poster – usually regarded as a ‘visual sound-bite’ – produced by 4WR. It’s been produced partly in response to John Papworth’s article Political Progress (which appeared in issue 154 of 4WR) which noted that we need to institute “a vast educational effort to resolve the multitudinous problems involved in the restructuring of power in society from the ground up rather than the top down.”

At the time we noted that 4WR was anxious to help promote this “vast educational effort” via a dual approach.

Firstly, we wanted “to produce a leaflet that’ll raise the existing profile of 4WR.

The number of magazines that seek change is becoming legion. We need to show that 4WR is radically different from the rest! We also need to win the battle of ideas! Thus we need to build the circulation of 4WR and promote an intellectual argument for our ideal of ‘Small is Beautiful!’

Secondly, we need to produce hundreds – if not thousands – of local publications which’ll help popularise our ideas. Therefore, we are looking for people who would be willing to help with the financing, writing, production and distribution of these newsletters.”

Whilst we’ve yet to produce our 4WR leaflet or local newsletter, we’ve made a very small step in the right direction in raising the profile (and promoting the message) of 4WR via the introduction of our Facebook page. You can find it at World Review

Longer term projects include a 4WR web-site as well as internet-based TV and radio.

Until then we believe that we can promote John Papworth’s vision of a “vast educational effort” via imaginative and thought-provoking e-posters, such as the one pictured above.

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