Saturday, 20 July 2024


We are pleased to announce the appointment of our new National Secretary Mr. Glen Maney. Glen was until recently a Liberal Democratic party member and lifelong voter until he resigned over Nick Clegg’s treachery over student fees. Like many LD’s he was uneasy with their stance on Europe and recently began to see the impact in the unskilled labour market first hand (see

In a statement accepting his appointment he says “Even after resigning I still felt I had more of an affinity with the Liberals than I had with Labour or the Tories. On Green issues and Civil Liberties and not attacking Nation states because we’d decided that having armed them,we didn’t like the leader!, being but a few of the things I liked about them (LD’s).”

He continues “I was aware that a growing number of people were disillusioned with the main political parties (and I was one of them) but many were being led down the blind path of extremism. A multitude of far right parties were mushrooming but far fewer ‘centrist’ ones. After leaving the LD’s I looked around for a party that were both Liberal and yes, Patriotic (i.e. being proud of your country and your National identity,whilst respecting others, irrespective of your skin colour or religion). Fortunately I found one in the National Liberal Party and having spoken to one of their officers decided we shared a common goal. To make thing “better” for everyone of every race, religion and sexual orientation who wants to be British. Play their part in making it Great again and who respect others around them whilst paying taxes and contributing to the community.Not a lot to ask is it?”

I felt I’d found my political home and I’m determined to help other disaffected and patriotic Liberals (and there are many) find a safe haven. I would like to give all those people, fearful of losing their national identity to the EU or genuinely scared by immigration, yet non racists of all colours, an option of finding “our” voice.

That’s why I joined the NLP, to help make things better. I hope that as National Secretary I can play my part.”

National Liberal Party National Secretary Glen Maney, is a professional comedian and owner of a film company. Born in Battersea, he has unlike many politicians worked in a number of areas including professional football, the police and sales before he found his vocation. His biggest professional disappointment was not being able even in a little way to resolve the ‘inner-city’ problems of towns like Luton whilst a serving police officer. He hopes that in politics he can help ‘make a difference’. Being an ex-Liberal Democratic member and voter he found his political home in the National Liberals who combined his liberal beliefs in individual liberty and social justice with love of country.

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