Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Every Little Helps Tesco’s
THE CON-DEM GOVERNMENT’S work experience scheme is little more than an attempt to introduce a system of slave labour for young unemployed Britons. That’s the view of the National Liberal Party.

A spokesman for the NLP said:
“Chris Grayling Minister for Employment has been quoted as saying that ‘the idea that providing work experience for unemployed young people is some kind of forced labour is utterly and completely absurd’. However, we beg to differ.”

The NLP notes that some youngsters on the ‘Workfare scheme’ have to put in a 30 hour week for six to eight weeks. They don’t receive any additional pay on top of their Job Seekers Allowance (JSA), which they are threatened with losing if they do not participate.

Some of those attending the ‘Workfare scheme’ are promised a guaranteed job interview at the end of it. However, getting a guaranteed job interview – as opposed to a guaranteed job – are two different things.

For instance, the multinational giant, Tesco’s has taken on over 1,000 ‘volunteers’ over the last four months, but only about 300 have received jobs at the end of it.

The NLP notes that the ‘Workfare scheme’ smacks very much of the Thatcher Government’s actions in the 80s. Here, to fiddle the unemployment figures, the Tories listed people under new titles and/or schemes.

The NLP spokesman said:

“Personally, I feel that this current system is much worse since it lines the pockets of Tesco’s at the taxpayer’s expense! If someone is working they must receive the minimum wage. This is the complete opposite

We also have to bear in mind that the Conservatives would never have brought in the National Minimum Wage – so they have no interest in protecting it. The fact that it is Tesco who is benefiting also opens up questions relating to the company’s relationship (if any) with politicians.”

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