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Ecology: The Silent Fourth Pillar of National Liberalism

NEW HORIZON is the online ideological publication of the National Liberal Party. Both publication & party believe in, and strongly encourage, rational debate. Indeed, we’re not aware of any other political organisation that’s so committed to thought (and then action). Additionally, we’ve no interest in macho posturing. Politically, we’ve no intention – or interest – in marching people up to the top of the hill, only to march them down again – just like the Grand Old Duke of York.

Sadly, much of what passes for political ‘debate’ in Britain today has been reduced to juvenile ranting and raving. It’s often said that Westminster is the ‘Mother of all Parliaments’ but at times it resembles something like feeding time at the zoo. Indeed, we have a lot of sympathy for those hardy souls who like to follow the odd parliamentary debate on TV. Even with the volume turned up to full blast it must be nearly impossible – with all the associated baying, screaming & shouting – to hear what any MP is saying.

This ‘feeding time at the zoo’ effect is also reflected in Mainstream Media – particularly on the TV. Here, supposedly impartial & objective ‘journalists’ constantly interrupt the interviewee, presumably to get some sort of reaction. Things are even worse on Social Media as a brief look at the likes of Facebook & Twitter will demonstrate. Here it’s virtually impossible to come across a sound & reasoned debate. Vitally important points can be lost in all of the online screaming and shouting – or because someone feels ‘offended’.

With all of the above in mind, we feel that it’s vitally important to keep promoting our ideology – the set of beliefs & values which bind us together. Our ideology provides us with political ‘nourishment’ & remains the foundation on which our ideas – relating to Liberty, Independence, Democracy & Ecology – are built.


Ecology: The Silent Fourth Pillar of National Liberalism

A look at the fourth pillar of National Liberalism and aspects of the National Liberal Party’s Environment policy

LIBERTY, Independence and Democracy. The three pillars of National Liberalism from which our vision for these isles is born. It is these three pillars which define our philosophy and separate us from other ideologies. Each is important in the creation of the type of society and nation we wish to rebuild from what are basically ashes after decades of mismanagement by the two party state. However there is perhaps a silent pillar of National Liberalism which is possibly the most important of all, as it is the pillar which influences everything and which our very survival depends upon. Ecology.

To believe ecology is separate from other issues is wrong. We are all part of the ecological cycle and our actions have an impact and implications. Where we live, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, how we get to work and even where we work all have some form of impact on the environment. Then you have to look at population, energy, waste disposal and the economy. Each has an impact on our ecology. Therefore ecology is not just something for fanatical recyclers or New Age elements of society, it is something that should be of the utmost importance to us all.

Unfortunately there are those in this world (mainly in big business and their puppets in Government) that do not care about ecology and go about its destruction simply to exploit the land for short term gain. Others will destroy it through lack of care and education. Neither takes into account that the natural environment does not belong to the present generation, but is merely leased to us from our children and our children’s children, and so on. It is our responsibility to care for it for their sake.

Much has been mentioned in recent years of our impending energy crisis. This has been caused by governments looking for short term quick fix solutions, rather than having the will and foresight to plan ahead for the nation, rather than their big business masters. All three of the main parties, plus UKIP, the BNP and the English Democrats favour nuclear power. Yet we know from Japan (and previously Chernobyl and Three Mile Island) the devastating consequences when something goes wrong and the ecological balance is disrupted. Add to this the risk of a terrorist strike, plus the potential time bomb which is the disposal of nuclear waste, and we can see the political parties mentioned only have short term gain as their priority believing building a few nuclear plants will solve the current energy problem. They do not consider future generations, but opt for a quick fix solution. It is also worth noting that we will have to import vast quantities of uranium to fuel nuclear power stations, therefore we will still be at the mercy of international developments in relation to our energy supply.

The nuclear lobby have recently promoted the merits of thorium as an alternative to uranium. Indeed thorium is far safer, and less waste is produced, even though it is a commodity we would still have to import. However there is still a huge question mark over the long term safety of thorium nuclear waste, a risk Con-LibDem-Lab-UKIP-BNP are willing to take. As National Liberals we recognise that if something goes wrong with the storage of atomic waste (both thorium and uranium) it will cause a major ecological catastrophe, and therefore we view nuclear power as a risk not worth taking. In any case, by the time sufficient tests have been carried out into thorium derived nuclear energy, renewable forms would have become more efficient. It does seem the Con-LibDem-Lab-UKIP-BNP parties wish to put all their eggs in the nuclear power basket. Likewise they are content to allow new properties to be built with no form of renewable energy incorporated. There have been vast leaps forward in renewable energy, particularly solar power in recent years, leaps which can only get bigger. The National Liberal Party advocates that all new properties should be designed to incorporate solar panels, ground source heat pumps or other practical forms of renewable energy.

The National Liberal Party believes in greater research and development into all forms of renewable energy – thus making them more efficient and cheaper in the long term. In the short term clean conventionally powered stations, an increased usage of micro generation, greater energy conversation and the introduction of renewables can provide sensible, safe and practical options.

Population is another example of where successive governments have betrayed this country and added to the destruction of our environment. England is the most densely populated country in Europe with a population that is not sustainable. Social and economic factors have led to this, yet still governments refuse to grasp the nettle and deal with the situation. It is swept under the carpet in the hope some future government will tackle the issue. Population is a sensitive issue and the Con-LibDem-Lab politician’s fear their careers will be damaged if they touch it – or to put it another way they care more about their careers than the country, the environment and future generations.

The reality is; More population = more houses = more roads = more green fields lost = more wildlife habitats lost = more food required = more energy consumption = more waste = more pollution. As National Liberals we can see we need to work and develop solutions to all factors which contribute to environmental destruction, placing the people, the country and the environment before personal political career aspirations. This is clearly something other parties fail to recognise.

Liberty, Independence and Democracy are its core pillars, but encompassing them all is the silent pillar of ecology. As National Liberals we love our country. Ecology encompasses many things as we have shown. Therefore to love our country we must also love ecology. In the National Liberal Party we recognise ecology is not just for fanatical recyclers, but for all of us. The future depends on it.

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