Saturday, 18 May 2024

Do You Fit The Bill? Some Thoughts On Recruitment – Part 1
THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY is looking for people – but just not anyone!

We’re looking for really different people – people who don’t just ‘go with the flow’ just because what’s on offer is the popular or ‘trendy’ option.  We looking for people who are prepared to stand up for what is right.  We’re looking for people who are prepared to stand up for what is true.  We’re looking for people who are interested in standing up for freedom and justice.

Above all, we’re looking for people who will look at any given situation – from all positions – and then come up with an answer.

This means that we favour informed and reasoned debate. Here we concentrate on arguments, points of view and facts. We are not interested in personalities, prejudice or promoting self-interest.

So who are we interested in attracting?

We’re looking for people who are willing to become active – to do things.  Those who’re are only interested in talking need not apply! We’re looking for very special individuls.

We’re looking for folks who can write, edit and translate.  We’re looking for people who’re good at fundraising.  We’re also looking for people with artistic skills and cultural backgrounds.  Can you produce artwork?  Maybe you’re excellent at photoshop and can help produce our ever expanding range of e-posters.  We’re also looking for really good photographers.  We’re also very interested in really expanding our presence on YouTube.  Can you help?

As we’ve mentioned before, one of the NLP’s key objectives is to build the infrastructure of an alternative mass media of news, information and entertainment.  We’re looking for the activists to help us do this.

If you think that you fit the bill, get in touch today!  Simply e-mail the NLP at

DEBATE is free with the NLP!  The National Liberal Party would really appreciate your comments – good bad or indiffent – on the above article. To share your views, simply e-mail us or look out for this article on the National Liberals facebook site and have your say in the comments section.

• FOR all your international, national, local news and debates check out the National Liberals facebook site It is usually updated on an hourly basis so it’s best to visit on a regular basis!
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