Sunday, 21 April 2024

Protection of a citizen’s Civil Liberties is one of the NLP’s core principles. What can you do to support this?

In the UK the signing of the Magna Carta document (798 years ago this Saturday) by King John and his Barons represented the first time a Monarch accepted that he/she had responsibilities and their ‘subjects’ had rights.

However, whilst our ‘rights’ have steadily grown since then, they are always under threat from Governments, Security Agencies, or Corporations eager to control or manipulate citizens by collecting personal information or imposing restrictions.
The recently rejected Data Communications Bill (the ‘Snoopers Charter’) would allow security agencies access to information on ALL our communications. Sadly, the tragic events in Woolwich are now being used as an excuse to reintroduce the bill even though it probably would have made no difference at Woolwich!
One way of marking Magna Carta Day is to sign the petition against the Data Communications Bill
If you haven’t already seen it view our Magna Carta website and see the video at
On the 798th Anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta (June 15th,1215), we urge you to follow the example of continental National Liberals who adopted ‘Liberty Trees’ as a symbol of national freedom and individual liberty in the 1848 Revolution(s).
Why not combine that belief in national liberty and ecology by ‘planting’ or adopting a local tree on Magna Carta Day (June 15th)? (a PDF can be downloaded HERE for your use) and take a picture!

Why not join our noble cause to protect national and individual freedoms by joining the party on Magna Carta Day on Saturday the 15th? Go to or send a cheque for membership dues of £15 (£5 unwaged) and/or donate to the National Liberal Party at PO Box 4217, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 4PJ or offering a donation at Don’t sit on the sidelines but get involved!

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