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Magna Carta Moneybomb June 15

Magna Carta moneybomb


Most of us take our liberties for granted. We count ourselves blessed to be born in a country that, however imperfect, has a universal franchise to elect most legislatures, practices Habeas Corpus, grants trial by jury, says someone is innocent until proven guilty and lauds free speech.

Today however these rights are under threat from a BIG BROTHER state (and by external agencies such as the European Union) that want to control our lives.

In the UK the State is attacking our fundamental freedoms by:-

  • Trying to force everyone to carry an ID CARD.
  • Littering our Cities, towns and villages with surveillance, including speed, cameras to raise money whilst spying on us.
  • Gathering personal information including DNA on all citizens.
  • Monitoring personal communications.
  • Increasing  the use of  detention without trial.
  • Signing up to EU laws allowing foreign agencies access to personal information.
  • Institutionalising Political Correctness that has frightened many citizens from voicing their opinion on a whole host of subjects.

In the 13th Century England the monarchy was the enemy of freedom and liberty. In 1215 on June 15th, King John was forced to sign the MAGNA CARTA which set out the limits of the King’s powers and forced him to accept that his subjects had rights.


It’s time we had a new Magna Carta to protect our rights! Once upon a time an ‘Englishman’s home was his castle’. Today it seems his door is wide open!
Help us fight back by donating to liberty on Magna Carta Day on JUNE 15TH. We have produced a Liberty Video explaining how the liberties we take for granted are under attack. Please get as many people as possible to see the video.
Help the National Liberal Party to campaign against a ‘Big-Brother’ state by exposing its growth and making LIBERTY an issue at future elections. Make this the largest mass donation for a political cause in the UK. Let’s make history!


TO SIGN UP 10,000


Watch and distribute the Magna Carta Moneybomb Appeal

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