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National Liberal Party 2015 General Election Manifesto – Section 6 – Taxation
NONE of us likes paying tax, but under the current financial system it’s a necessary evil. Sadly, taxes will remain with us until we totally change the financial system – from one based on debt to one based upon positive money.

However, until that day we are stuck with paying taxes. With this in mind, the NLP believes that everyone should pay their fair share. We cannot understand how super-rich individuals and corportaions can get away with paying the very minimum, whilst ordinary working families are screwed into the ground.

As this section of our Manifesto notes: “We feel that it is completely immoral that the ‘poorest of the poor’ are punished with cuts whilst the ‘richest of the rich’ effectively get tax breaks via tax loopholes.”

As always, the NLP wishes to encourage debate and feedback – good, bad or indifferent. To let us know what you think of our ideas relating to Political Self-Determination, simply go to our Facebook page here and look out for this article – simply post your views in the comments section.



Britain is drowning in a sea of debt. Until the financial system is changed the public will pay more and more taxes.

Stamp Duty

• We will remove stamp duty for properties under 150k.

The threshold for paying Stamp Duty – the tax paid on purchasing a home – should be raised to reflect the rising trend in house prices.

Close Tax Loopholes

• We will work to close tax loopholes so that everyone pays their fair share of the tax burden.

We feel that it is completely immoral that the ‘poorest of the poor’ are punished with cuts whilst the ‘richest of the rich’ effectively get tax breaks via tax loopholes.

Tax the Bonuses

• We would introduce a 50% tax on one off and staggeredbonuses and ‘golden handshakes’ over £150k.

The vast majority of ordinary working folks work for a set salary plus, in some cases, overtime. They do not receive bonuses for simply doing their job. Our proposed tax will also relate to ‘Golden Handshakes.’

Income Tax Threshold

• Raise the tax threshold for an individual to £14k per annum.

We believe that the Income Tax Threshold – the level of income at which a person starts paying income tax – should be pinned at 50% of the average wage.

Bedroom Tax

• We will scrap the “bedroom tax”.

We feel that it is unfair that Council tenants who have a spare bedroom are punished whilst those who live in Mansions go unaffected. This is morally wrong.

HGV Road Tax

• Introduce a voluntary ‘night time’ road tax for hauliers at arate of 25% of daytime rates but the vehicle could only be used on a road between the hours of 2000 hours and 0800 hours.

Creating an optional version of road tax for HGVs will encourage them to use roads during off-peak hours, easing the general flow of traffic through major cities.


• We will end the “austerity” regime imposed by the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties.

The establishment of a national bank – which spends money into circulation – will mean that we can scrap all Austerity measures.

Property Taxes (Mansion Tax, Council Tax)

• We will create new tiers of council tax, to ensure that extremely high-value properties are taxed appropriately.

We favour the introduction of a series of additional council tax bands designed to ensure that high-price properties are taxed fairly in relation to their value. The cost of housing in London, for example, has resulted in council tax becoming effectively a “poll tax” for all but the worst-quality housing.

We also favour “deferment” options, where anyone in a home that enters a higher tax bracket may apply to continue paying at the old rate. The debt for the raised council tax would accrue, and would be collected either when the property is sold or the property owner passes away. It is expected that for properties where this would apply, the accumulated years of underpaid council tax would still be far less than the sale value of the property.

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