Saturday, 13 July 2024

National Liberal Party 2015 General Election Manifesto – Section 1
THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY launched its 2015 General Election Manifesto towards the end of last month. A packed meeting – attended by our candidates Sockalingam ‘Yogi’ Yogalingam and Jagdeesh Singh – heard various speakers outline the NLPs ideals of National Freedom and Social Justice.

At the core of our Manifesto is a call for Self-Determination. Our view is that Self-Determination should be both a simple basic human right for everyone and a building block for every nation. Thus the NLP argues in favour of both National and Political Self-Determination.

Our Manifesto consists of an introduction – which gives an overview of the concept of Self-Determination – followed by sections on the likes of Constitution & Political Reform, Foreign Policy, the Environment, Economy and so on.

In order to encourage debate and feedback – good, bad or indifferent – on our General Election Manifesto, we’re also reproducing it in ‘bite size’ pieces. You can find the first section below. If you wish to join the debate itself, simply go to our Facebook page here and look out for this article – simply post your views in the comments section.


The NLPs General Election Manifesto calls for National and Political Self- Determination.

The National Liberal Party believes in the universal principle of Self-Determination, both National and Political, which is essentially about giving people control of their affairs – locally, regionally and nationally.  Government for the benefit of the people, by the people!

Firstly, National Self-Determination.  This includes the following key points:

• We will work to make a truly federal United Kingdom, instead of a centralised government where everything is decided at Westminster.

• We will create a parliament for England.

• We will support the right of independence for all the world’s stateless nations.

• We will work for the preservation of the United Kingdom’s independence within Europe.

• We will devolve appropriate power to the constituent nations of the United Kingdom.

Secondly, Poltical Self-Determination.  This includes the following key points:

• Direct Democracy through the use of Referendums.

• Proportional Representation.

• Voter Recall of elected politicians.

• A “None of the Above” (NOTA) box on the ballot papers.

• Decentralise all decision-making to the most practical level.

To obtain your FREE copy of the NLP Manifesto, simply click HERE

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