Friday, 19 April 2024

Liberal Future Says … BreXit Now!


LIBERAL FUTURE is the youth wing of the National Liberal Party – NLP.  As such we’re interested in networking with those who’re under 30 who want to get their voice heard.  Our Facebook page – – provides a political forum for liberal young adults to discuss issues such as self-determination and liberty.

Self-determination is a key issue for us.  That’s why, way back in November of last year, we wholly supported a statement from the NLPs ruling National Council  concerning the EU Referendum.  The statement, entitled EU – Time To Regain Control, noted that:

‘As self-determinists and decentralists, we support referendums in general but we also oppose in principle centralised power structures e.g. the EU and believe in the nation-state (which the EU would dismantle and replace with its own artificial one). Thus it is not surprising that, after a debate, the ruling National Council has voted that the party will campaign, until further notice, for a Leave vote at the proposed EU referendum.’

As everyone knows, the referendum took place on Thursday 23 June 2016.  It turned out to be one of the greatest acts of popular expression ever seen – with over 33 million people from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar having their say.

In the end, a majority of the electorate (nearly 17 ½ million people representing 51.89%) voted for Brexit – to leave the European Union.

Liberal Future – along with many, many others – imagined that once the decision was made, the first real steps would be taken to get Britain out of the EU.  However, to date, Westminster seems to be stalling.  No-one seems to be interested in taking the first step.  There doesn’t really seem to be any action.  Why?  We know that new Tory leader
Theresa May campaigned to stay in the EU – does she
know something we don’t?

With this in mind, Liberal Future has launched its BreXit Now! campaign.  It seeks to remind the Establishment that the people have spoken and that they overwhelmingly voted in favour of democracy and sovereignty and thus against the EU.  It follows that we should have already started negotiations designed to get Britain out of the EU.

Over the weeks and months ahead (and years if necessary!) Liberal Future will be actively campaigning for BreXit Now!
You can help by liking and sharing LFs first BreXit Now! e-poster via social media.
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