Friday, 24 May 2024

From The Liberty Wall – National Liberal Trade Unionists Debate (1) – How Can we Achieve Our Main Aims?

ISSUE 1 of Liberal Worker – the Voice of National Liberal Trade Unionists – will be produced in the very near future. Without giving too much away, it features two excellent main articles – Restore Worker’s Rights! and From National Minimum wage to a Livable one!

The first article looks at the way Cameron and Clegg appear to be hell bent on destroying the rights of workers – rights that have been introduced due to many historic and long-term union campaigns. It notes that “Since the Coalition took power they have begun to strip away decades of worker protections.” Liberal Worker examines how employment protections have been cut and compensation due to workers has been slashed.

From National Minimum wage to a Livable one! notes how the Con-Dem Government has reduced benefit payments saying that it doesn’t want people to become dependent upon benefits. However, Liberal Worker believes that “the reason why many can’t work is because wages are too low rather than benefits too high.” It goes on to propose a Livable Wage – calculated by looking at the basic cost of living – as opposed to the current National Minimum Wage.

Liberal Worker also produces a very progressive Manifesto. All in all it’s a very impressive read.

One of the main aims of the NLTU is “to promote a non-socialist trade unionism.” National Liberal Trade Unionists also believe that the primary role of unions “in industry is the protection of the individual worker and collective bargaining” and not “class revolution.”

However, given the number of socialists (of various hues and factions) within the trade union movement, the question for National Liberal Trade Unionists is simple and straight forward: how can this be achieved?

The debate will be held on the National Liberal Trade Unionists facebook page:
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