Thursday, 20 June 2024

From The Liberty Wall – St. George’s Committee – SGCs First E-Poster!

THE St. George’s Committee has produced its first ever e-poster. As can be seen, it calls for St. George’s Day to be made a national holiday for England and the English!

Faced with a lack of a strong and vibrant pro-English media (and where the establishment media seems to portray any pride in England and the English in a wholly negative and derogatory manner) it’s vital that we explore different ways of promoting our message. Whilst we’ve no problems with dealing with the establishment media, we get the impression that some journalists are Anglophobic and are working to an agenda. Their articles and reports are effectively written before they start!

Indeed, many English advocates believe that the establishment media operates a blackout when it comes to reporting positive news in respect of England and ther English.

For instance, if a few Englishmen and women regretably have a few too many drinks on St. Georges Day and engage in some mindless and nihilistic act of vandalism, that will get reported far and wide. However, if several thousand proud Englishmen and women peacefully celebrate their patron saint and their culture, history and hertitage, it’ll hardly get a mention. In fact, how many people outside of the immediate area know that every year, around 25,000 people celebrate St. George’s Day in Stone Cross, West Bromwich, in the West Midlands?

With this in mind, the St.George’s Committee feels that we can effectively circumvent the establishment media by using social media to viral out our e-posters. As we’re producing – and distributing – these e-posters, we can promote a positive and family friendly image.

However, to do this, we need your help!

First of all, we’d appreciate any feedback on our first e-poster. Secondly, we’d really appreciate any ideas – including links to photographs and/or artwork – you may have for future e-posters. Just post them up on in the comments section of the St. George’s Committee Facbook page when this article appears.

• CHECK out the St. George’s Committee Facbook page here:
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