Thursday, 20 June 2024

From The Liberty Wall – Nations without States – What Must Be Done (10)

Issue 3 of Nation - the Newsletter of Nations without States – will be out soon. In the meantime you can obtain FREE pdf copies of issue 1 & 2 simply by e-mailing us at

WELCOME to issue 10 of What Must Be Done, the publically-available organising bulletin of Nations without States. NwS supporters are asked to read – and more importantly – act upon the instructions detailed below:

BLOGS & TWITTER. We’ve recently had a lot of success networking with other Self-Determinists via Twitter. We want to build on this success. Therefore, we need all NwS supporters who read Self-Determinist blogs or are in touch with Self-Determinists with Twitter accounts to send details of these blogs and/or Twitter accounts. In particular we’re interested in the Twitter accounts of any journalist who has written in support of Self-Determination. Simply e-mail the name of the blog/Twitter account to

FACEBOOK. All those who support Self-Determination are urged to check out the Nations without States Facebook page here:
groups/184919468292372/ Our Facebook page is particularly important for those who are arranging meetings, pickets, demonstrations and leafletting. Let us know if you’re holding such activities so that we can help support it in terms of both publicity and a physical presence.
• NATION. Issue 3 of Nation – the Newsletter of Nations without States – will be out soon. It will be available later this month in both pdf and hardcopy formats.
It is vital that it’s distributed to as many Self-Determinists as quickly as possible – particularly those within the London area. This is because the lead article features Upkar Singh Rai, who is a candidate in the forthcoming London elections. Upkar is a well-known Self-Determinist, Human Rights advocate and campaigner for free speech.
He is standing for the National Liberal Party – NLP. The NLP is Britain’s only political party for which self-determination is its raison d’être.

The main thrust of his campaign will obviously focus on social and economic problems. However, he’s promised that – if elected – he’ll use his position to promote self-determination. Talking to Nation, Upkar said:

‘I will make sure that all of those who seek self-determination will have their voice heard at the highest levels. This will include Tamils, Tibetans and of course my fellow Sikhs. It will also include the English who want their own parliament.’

Therefore, if Upkar is successful, his calls for self-determination stand to gain national and international recognition, coverage and attraction! This is too good an opportunity for London-based Self-Determinists to miss! Therefore, issue 3 of Nation lists different ways of supporting his election campaign.

With this in mind, NwS is calling for as many people as possible to register their interest in helping with the physical distribution of Nation. To do so e-mail today or post a message on our Facebook page:

As soon as it’s available, we’ll be in touch with details on how to get hold of issue 3 of Nation. In the meantime, please help spread the word to fellow Self-Determinists – via social media – about Upkar’s campaign and his bid to get elected in London!

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