Tuesday, 3 October 2023

Wherever You Are … SHOP LOCAL! (2)



THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY supports localism. Localism is a policy which supports the local production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. It puts the local economy, community and environment first.

To put this idea into practice, we need to support – and work in conjunction with – all manner of local shops, entrepreneurs, small businesses, social enterprises, the self-employed, co-operatives and social enterprises. By doing this we can start to build local (and sustainable) economies that can withstand unfair competition from large corporations, including massive supermarket chains.

To do this, the National Liberal Party – NLP – advocates the following measures:


ENCOURAGE local shops, entrepreneurs, small businesses, social enterprises, the self-employed and co-operatives to start up (and expand) by cutting local business rates. Stop luring big business via low corporation taxes and stop the growth of out-of-town superstores.

PRESSURISE the banks to issue interest-free loans. If someone receives a loan of, say, £10,000 then they should only pay that amount back. Currently banks create credit out of nothing and then charge interest on it! This is immoral and it’s crippling those who want to promote the local economy.

BOOST the local economy by introducing local currencies, similar to the Brixton Pound, Lewes Pound and Totnes Pound. Working alongside the UK-wide Pound Sterling, local currencies encourage spending within the local community, especially with locally owned businesses. Local councils should also consider paying their workers a portion of their wage via a local currency. This method of payment should also be extended to any payments and/or expenses made to elected representatives.

HOST special days where shoppers are encouraged to spend a fiver – or even £1 – locally. Imagine the effect if just 100 people spent a £1 in each and every local shop!

• PROMOTE the idea that local housing organisations, universities, schools, hospitals and health centres should trade with local shops, entrepreneurs, small businesses, social enterprises, the self-employed and co-operatives.

• INSIST that authorities direct funds from local authority pensions away from global markets and towards local schemes and community-owned banks and credit unions.

These measures are all aimed at building both a sustainable and largely self-sufficient economy. It’s aimed at helping ordinary local working families as it builds wealth from the bottom-up as opposed to the top-down. It seems to us that a ‘trickle down’ economy is ok if you’re at the top of the tree – but other than that, it’s not that great!

We hope to look at each of these points in much greater detail in the next in this series of Wherever You Are … SHOP LOCAL!

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