Thursday, 30 May 2024

Stepping on Big Toes – Part 2

You Have Been Warned!

A COUPLE of weeks ago we noted that the National Liberal Party’s Euro-Election campaign “is unique, innovative and revolutionary.” This is because no-one has ever tried to unite the various self-determinist groups that exist in London to create an “entirely new voting dynamic.”

But by standing openly under the banner of Self-Determination For All, our eight brave candidates – who represent different racial, ethnic, national and religious groupings – are stepping on some very powerful toes. The National Liberal Party’s call for national freedom and social justice will not go down well everywhere! Indeed, we will be annoying two main interest groups:

• Empires, Super states and dictators are generally opposed outright to self-determination. Their whole raison d’être is the central power of the State. This is often combined with an aggressive military outlook. Any internal power structure may rely on the activities of state security services and blatent racism to prop itself up. In many cases the press will be heavily censored. The NLPs call for direct democracy will be absolutely out of the question. Any acknowledgement of any form of self-determination – from simple recognition, autonomy or outright independence – will mean the beginning of the end for the oppressor.

• The British political establishment – both ‘left’ and ‘right’ – will also oppose self-determination. Some members of the establishment may have vested political or financial interests in some of the world’s more tyrannical regimes. They will be opposed to us as self-determination could well upset their cash cow! We are also openly challenging their scam of forgetting election promises as soon as they are elected! Self-determinists in London – both indigenous English and the various ethnic minorities – are fed up of being taken for granted and just being viewed simply as ‘voting fodder.’

With this in mind, our original article (1) also noted that those who oppose self-determination will do anything to smear our young movement and eight brave candidates.” But how our movement and/or candidates will be attacked is open to debate. We’re guessing that it could either be via the establishment media or an on-line rumour campaign, fuelled by Facebook or Twitter.

Some comments directed against us may well be as a result of an honest mistake. Indeed, there is a worrying tendancy for people to sloppily just rely on Wikipedia for their information and ‘facts.’ These can be fairly easily corrected.

However, there could also be more sinister elements active as well. Oppressive regimes – such as India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – are well versed in the dark arts of black propaganda. Here, groups and individuals fighting for national liberation are routinely described as ‘terrorists.’

Therefore, it would come as no surprise to us that various state security agencies could well be behind the manipulation of news reports about the NLPs Self-Determination For All campaign. Here, misrepresentation, half-truths and downright lies will be the order of the day. So don’t be surprised to read articles that use various techniques like ‘smear by association’, phrases like ‘media speculation, misquoting our spokesmen/or taking their quotes completely out of context and reporting ‘rumours’ and ‘allegations’ as hard ‘facts.’ Don’t say that you haven’t been warned!

Despite this, the National Liberal Party will not be diverted from using the Euro-Elections to fight for the oppressed against the oppressor. Self-determinists unite: the only thing that we have to loose are our chains!

• ALL MEMBERS and supporters are to keep their eyes peeled for any mention of the National Liberal Party – good, bad or indifferent – in any form of media. If you see anything, especially if it is outrageously biased, please seed a link as soon as possible to


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