Friday, 19 April 2024

Steering Committee meets to plan strategy!

South-West Regional Organiser Glen Nicklasson addresses the NLP's Steering Committee

The National Liberal Party Steering Committee met last Saturday (17th March) at a prestigious site in Central London to discuss the party’s future plans. Ultimately these are to build the organisation into one that can iinfluence political development in the UK (and potentially globally) by implementing in whole or part its ideological beliefs. For example, decentralising power, reforming the electoral system including the introduction of regular referendums, enshrining civil liberties in a written constitution, mmaintaining an independent but neutral nation(s) state, turning the British economy into one where owners work and workers own as self-employed, partnerships and cooperatives, and protecting our ‘green & pleasant’ land.

The Committee believes however that this can only be achieved as part of a ‘centrist’ coalition ranging from centre-left to right. The Committee discussed plans to launch just such an cooperative alliance in the very near future.

Presently the party would build its organisation by raising awareness by promoting themes that reflect its ideas e.g. supporting the Falkland Islander’s right to self-determination (nationalism), fighting the war on drugs by decriminalisation of their use (libertarianism), and backing employee rights (social justice).

Tamil MP Mr. Sockalingam Yogalingam is welcomed by the NLP's Graham Williamson onto the forthcoming Nations Without States

Ways of promoting these ideas were discussed, including the use of video’s and social media. Reports were read out from various activists, including Glen Nicklasson of the popular South-West Region. Details were revealed of a new section on the party website to be known as the ‘Liberty Wall’, hosting pages and links to campaigning groups sponsored or supported by the party. One such new group is the Nations Without States. This will promote the principle of self-determination and help coordinate all those groups based in the UK campaigning for small nation’s throughout the globe. Apart from the NLP’s Steering Committee’s Graham Williamson this includes a Tamil MP and a leading Sikh activist. Attendees attended a social at the end of the meeting and raised a toast to the future.

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