Friday, 24 May 2024

Self-Determination For All … Freedom For UMMOA!



OUR LATEST Self-Determination For All … e-poster is slightly different from previous ones in that it has been produced in support of a micronation.

The idea of a micronation is usually viewed with derision.  Indeed, according to Micronation Central – “Micronations are generally viewed as ephemeral, eccentric and somewhat amusing by most external observers.”

Whilst this may be true in some respects, not all of those who advocate micronations are playing games.  For instance, many deadly serious secessionist movements exist in North America (1 – 3).  Also, it could be argued that many isolated indegenous tribes throughout the world already constitute micronations.

One of the leading advocates of micronations is Cesidio Tallini, who lives in the New York metropolitan area.  Brought up in both North America and Italy, he always felt ‘out of place.’

Cesidio describes himself as a 53 year old Cesidian religiously, a unique form of Judeo-Christianity. I am also a United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago or UMMOA national, a recognised internationally-distributed polity.”

He currently spends much of his time promoting his idea of the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago – more commonly known as UMMOA.  This involves issuing a daily news bulletin (in English and Italian) via Intermicronational World (IW) samples of which can be found here

But where or what is UMMOA?  According to Cesidio:

“The UMMOA claims 30 disputed islands, atolls, archipelagos or points scattered across the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Indian Ocean; it claims one Antarctic continental territory; and the UMMOA also claims one highly scattered municipality (a diaxenospitia), which is a collective of all the private properties of three micronations.” (4 – 6)

We understand that many folks will find the concept of micronations hard to fully understand and accept.  Therefore, we’re delighted to announce that our friends at Fourth World Review4WR – will carry an in-depth interview with Cesidio in a future issue.

In the meantime, for more information about micronations in general and UMMOA in particular, click on this link







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