Saturday, 15 June 2024

Self-Determination – For National Freedom & Social Justice!
THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY is using the forthcoming European Elections as a platform to promote the concept of Self-Determination For All!

As Self-Determination is a universal human right, our eight brave candidates represent different racial, ethnic, national and religious groupings. Indeed, our Euro-campaign represents a practical demonstration of the slogan Unity through Diversity!

In this brief mini-series, we look at our eight London-Region Euro Candidates. We kick off with Dr Yussef Anwar who is representing the Kurdish community.

After WWI, the victorious allies divided the land populated by Kurds – Kurdistan – between new and artificial states such as Iraq and Syria. Kurds continued to be oppressed by the new states as they had been by the departing Ottoman Empire, but the West kept quiet.

Even today when Kurds in war-torn Syria have created a democratic, peaceful, and autonomous area, known as Rojava, the world still ignores them. I am calling upon all Kurdish people in London to vote for this list. Vote for the self-determination of Kurds and all peoples!

Dr Yussef Anwar, Representing the Kurdish community
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