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Review of Issue 3 of Nation
ISSUE 3 of Nation – the Newsletter of Nations without States – appeared just prior to the EU Referendum held towards the end of last month. It campaigned for a Leave vote on the grounds of ‘National, Political and Economic Self-Determination.’
As we know, the vast majority of Britons – 52% or nearly 17 ½ million people – voted to get out of the EU – although this popular expression of democracy is currently under attack from elitist bigots, haters and the intolerant.
This review of Nation was written – from a National Liberal perspective – by Liam Clarke. It was also written before the EU Referendum. Liam has reviewed several NLP publications before. He is a free thinker and, as can be seen below, presents a highly original (and certainly non-conformist!) point of view..
Review Of Issue 3 Of Nation

‘As it stands, we feel that the EU is a rich man’s club for powerful corporate big business and banking elites. Their underlings – the politicians – are happy enough with the trappings of power. For it to succeed, we believe that a United States of Europe can only function on near dictatorial lines. The national parliaments of various EU member states will then become mere corpses – historical relics of a bygone era.’
From the article To Dream Of Freedom, issue 3 of Nation

Left: Anti-democracy march held by supporters of the Remain campaign. These protestors don’t seem to know the fundamental difference between Europe and the EU. Europe is a Continent whereas the EU is a political entity – effectively a Superstate or Empire in waiting. Right: Issue 3 of Nations provides an alternative vision for the nations and peoples of Europe.

I DON’T KNOW about the reader, but I’m certainly exasperated by the constant bickering between the Leave and Remain campaign in the run up to June 23rd.  As a National Liberal it is my belief that the European Union is not justified, but I believe loving Europe is more than justified! National Liberals must not be silent on this issue, and nowhere in this issue of Nation is there an anti-European message.  Indeed, it promotes real freedom, real belief and real free speech.

The leave campaign is headed by feckless xenophobes who both fear and despise the idea of self-determination.  Confused?  Don’t be.  I am on the side of the leave vote, but I cannot deny the stupidity and absence of real arguments for leaving the European Union. However, I believe that Nation does provide real arguments with which the Remain camp would run scolded from their ivory towers. All the Remain camp seems to do is act as a cheerleader for the big corporations.  It always quotes big business and is ignorance of any argument for self determination.  They remind me of certain US ‘nationalists’ who claim they know what is best for the British people, when in fact they have no argument except that of maintaining the status quo.
For me, both the Remain and Leave camps just reveal (indeed, expose?) the prejudices and agendas of those involved in the debate.  However, Nation proudly provides the real argument for withdrawal from the EU, namely that everyone has the right to self-determination.
But self-determination cannot be achieved whilst shackled to an organisation with unelected leaders, closed parliaments and decision making bodies that benefit nobody but the super rich and megalomaniacs.  It seems to me that globalisation means that people are going to be tied ever closer to foreign governments – or at least they are expected to be grateful to foreign governments for favours or successes.  (It has also occurred to me that, should we remain in the EU, it will be easier for the Tory government to rid themselves of guilt and blame for the obvious failings particularly our NHS and schools.  This is because Cameron – who I believe at heart wants to Leave but is happy, or at least has been convinced to appear as such, to fight for the Remain camp – can blame ‘Europe’ for all of our problems.)
But National Liberalism is different and we must be doing more to get our message out.  I know that Nation has been produced by another organisation – Nations without States – but I have no fear that one day the NLP will be seen as the party presenting real answers to the problems brought upon us by the ‘fat cats’ and the liars.

Issue 3 of Nation speaks for itself.  I don’t need to add to it at all.  But you, the reader, must make your own mind up.
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