Sunday, 14 April 2024

Referendums still the way forward!

Despite the failure of the Parliamentary Referendum bid over the UK’s involvement in the EU, the use of referendums to decide upon major issues is the way forward. Indeed the Coalition’s three-line whip (the strongest ‘threat’ in their parliamentary armoury) shows how frightened the politicians are of the people. The professional politicians consistently take decisions which are unpopular, costly and often downright wrong!

The National Liberal Party recently launched a petition calling upon the use of referenda to decide policy on major issues. We feel the people have been ignored for long enough and the country mismanaged by politicians with their own concerns and aspirations at heart, and not those of the people or the country. We feel it is time to consult the people!

There are two things you can do:


Whatever you party political affiliation and no matter who you vote for, if you feel the people need to be consulted and not ignored, please add your signature to our petition at


Dear Editor,

A recent survey by the Parliamentary Committee on Standards in Public Life showed only 26% of people actually trust politicians, possibly because of the way they have continuously mismanaged the country and ignored the opinions of the people? For example, we have bureaucrats in Brussels imposing laws upon us, bankers bailed out through our taxes and many of those who we trust to serve us in Parliament abuse their position for personal gain. Is this really democracy or just a very poor imitation?

Things are different in one of the most successful countries in the world, a country which is not being gobbled up by the EU superstate, and which has real democracy at its heart, Switzerland. It may not be perfect in a number of ways, but at least it is a country that via referenda trusts its people as part of the decision making process. Most recently the Swiss opposed nuclear power via such a referendum.

There are so many important issues which need to be decided upon in this country, but not by politicians who seem detached from the real world, but by ordinary people that have to deal with everyday issues. Direct democracy needs placing on the agenda, so people can decide amongst other issues, on our future in Europe, whether we go to war, levels of immigration and whether we should have an English Parliament.

The National Liberal Party has therefore launched a petition for the extended use of referenda in our political system as in Switzerland. This form of direct democracy would mean the opinions of the people on major issues could no longer be ignored. I urge anyone that supports the extended use of referenda to sign the petition at

Yours sincerely

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