Monday, 20 May 2024

New ‘Shop Local’ Leaflet & Poster Coming Soon

THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY’S ‘Shop Local’ campaign will soon enter its next phase with the introduction of a new range of leaflets and posters.

The new phase of our campaign will see the NLP build on the success of its Buying Local To Support Your Local Economy! leaflets and posters. These were distributed all over Britain. Aimed primarily at consumers our literature urged them to shop local.

Our new leaflet and poster (entitled Stand And Deliver!) break new ground in that they support the self-employed – in addition to local shops and small businesses – and attack the current banking system.

So why support the self-employed?

As a Distributist movement the National Liberal Party is opposed to both capitalism and socialism. Economically, we believe in a ‘Third Way’. We feel that that the self-employed represent a cornerstone of the British economy. Along with shop owners and small businesses they are vital to the well-being of the local economy. Indeed, it’s probably true to say that the self-employed are some of the hardest working people around.

But why attack the banks?

The NLP is particularly excited about our new Stand And Deliver! leaflets and posters. As far as we’re aware, this’ll be the first time a modern political movement has produced a popular educational leaflet which exposes the ‘daylight robbery’ committed by the banks.

This is where create ‘credit’ out of nothing and then charge interest on this! This means that you pay much, much, more back to the bank than you actually get from them. As our literature notes: “Years ago Highwaymen robbed you. Today the banks do it instead!”

Stand And Deliver! demands that the banks should provide interest-free loans to local shops, small businesses and the self-employed. Additionally, these loans must be payable back to the banks at a very low rate.

Look out for updates about about our new leaflets and posters. This new range will be available in the very near future.
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