Monday, 20 May 2024

National Liberal Party 2015 General Election Manifesto – Section 5 – Transport & The Economy

Hilaire Belloc (left) and G. K. Chesterton. These two early Distibutists advocated the redistribution of the means of production, distribution and exchange to as many people as possible.

“Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it’s the other way around.”

NATIONAL LIBERALS believe in a fair, sane and natural society. Thus we are opposed to all economic systems that are simply based on centralism, greed and crass materialism. We favour the idea of Distributism – whereby the ownership of property and the means of production, distribution and exchange are widespread.

In line with such an idea, we support the concept of Small is Beautiful! Therefore, the bedrock of our economy would mainly consist of local shops, businesses and the self-employed. Workers co-operatives would also play an important role.

As always, the NLP wishes to encourage debate and feedback – good, bad or indifferent. To let us know what you think of our ideas relating to Political Self-Determination, simply go to our Facebook page here and look out for this article – simply post your views in the comments section.



The HS2 Project

• We will cancel further government investment in HS2.

This money will be invested in local transport schemes that benefit workers living in the same county as their workplace.


The Economy

Government Lending Direct to the Public

• We will establish a state bank offering interest-free (for a one-off admin fee) loans.

Britain’s current debt-based banking system is immoral. Here private banks just create ‘credit’ out of nothing and then charges interest on this. Thus customers pay much more back to the bank than they borrow from them.

A sustainable and healthy economy can only be achieved by a stable interest-free money supply. A national bank will spend – and not lend – money directly into the economy. This will ensure that Britain’s broken infrastructure – hospitals, schools, sports facilities etc. – can be fixed.

Living Wage

• We will ensure the national minimum wage is a ‘living wage’ rate.

A person working full time with no dependents should not expect to need additional financial support from the state.

Zero-Hour Contracts

• We will restrict zero-hour contracts.

Zero-Hour Contracts originally existed for professions such as lawyers and accountants who were typically paid lucratively and by the hour, rather than by the job.

In order to protect this niche and simultaneously remove the abuse that exists for current zero-hour contracts, the minimum wage for a zero-hour contract should be set at three times the minimum wage for a contract with 8+ hours per week.


• The right of a worker to join a union shall be protected.

We believe that Trade Unions are vital in terms of ensuring better pay and working conditions, workplace issues, health and safety and various ‘fringe benefits’.

Employee Rights

• We will restore workers’ rights to the levels they were at in 2010.

The changes in employee legislation imposed by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition have damaged employee rights to the extent that they no longer serve to protect workers. As such, those changes must be reversed.


• We are opposed to the TTIP negotiations.

The current TTIP negotiations have taken place entirely outside the public eye. Something this fundamental to the way we run our society should receive a public debate before any decision.

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