Friday, 19 April 2024

National Liberal Party 2015 General Election Manifesto – Section 11 – Domestic Policy
NATIONAL LIBERALS believe that education is the key to a future confident, informed and content Britain. It is criminal that children are still leaving school unable to read and write. What chance do they have for the furure?

We are particularly interested in offering as much opportunity to non-academic children – in the form of training in a practical trade – as we do for academic children.

As always, the NLP wishes to encourage debate and feedback – good, bad or indifferent. To let us know what you think of our ideas relating to Political Self-Determination, simply go to our Facebook page here and look out for this article – simply post your views in the comments section.



The NLP will ensure that training in a practical trade is given the same level of support that university education receives.

Secondary Education

• We will ensure education includes a heavy focus on good citizenship.

We feel that effectively showing respect for others will have a positive effect in reducing anti-social behaviour among youngsters.

Faith Schools

• There will be no public funding of schools that refuse to teach a positive awareness all faiths and philosophies.

Any school (faith or not) should be able to receive full public funding, provided it maintains full freedom of religious expression for its students and teach about all religions equally. A ‘faith’ school could continue receiving government funding, provided all activities specific to their faith are optional.

Higher Education

• We will give young people the choice of a university education or training in a practical trade.

Young people should be free to choose vocational training instead of a university-focused “A-level” route, and it should be presented as a viable option. Such courses should receive at least the same level of support that university education receives.

University Bursaries for Poorer Students

• Bursaries will be available for gifted young people who wishto go to university.

Opportunity for all and privilege for none should extend to education.


• We will introduce tax breaks to companies who offer apprenticeships, and further breaks for companies that offered a guaranteed minimum 12 months contract on the new ‘living wage’ at the end of that apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships – especially those that can also offer guaranteed work for a year – are literally the building blocks for future employment.

To obtain your FREE copy of the NLP Manifesto, simply click here:

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