Saturday, 18 May 2024

On May 22nd there is an election to the European Parliament. As the European Union expands its numbers and continues to call for an ‘ever closer union’ the debate over how much power the EU should have over individual states grows louder. Voters however can express their opinion by voting for parties that are for or against an ‘ever closer union’ on election day and will be exercising their ‘Self-Determination’.
In London there are over 1/2 million people from communities that have been denied their right to ‘Self-Determination’ in their homeland and have instead suffered discrimination, oppression and worse. Many escaped that oppression by moving to the UK (and elsewhere).
The party under the description, ‘National Liberal Party – Self-Determination for All!’, will be standing in the London Region. Its candidates will be representing these ‘national’ Diasporas e.g.Sikh, Tamil, Kashmiri, Kurd and many others, and the principle of self-determination.
Self-Determination (SD) Day
It will be the first time many of these communities stories will have been heard by a massive audience and we intend to be their voice at this election. We are also calling upon the Diasporas and supporters of self-determination to VOTE on SD (self-determination) Day on May 22nd. It is even possible that the cause will get the bonus of an MEP to take the call ‘Self-Determination for All!’ to Brussels!
In the meantime we are calling upon all self-determinists and sympathisers in London to VOTE for (and others to support) this party list on May 22nd – SD (Self-Determination) Day! Go to
If you want to help you can donate or pledge via or get in touch via
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