Saturday, 13 July 2024

Mass Immigration Makes Slaves Of Us All!

Globalism = Mass Immigration = Slavery

THE NATIONAL LIBERAL PARTY is opposed to mass i.e. largely unrestricted – immigration.

Our opposition is based on grounds of sustainability, a democratic deficit (in that ordinary working folks were never asked if they were in favour of our immigration policies) and the fact that immigrants are used as slave labour and tax fodder to keep the the super-rich elite in their plush lifestyles.

We’ve noted several times that mass immigration is a direct result of globalisation – itself an extension of capitalism.

This is because globalism allows for the free movement of capital and labour between various states.  This means that any industry can ‘up sticks’ and chase – and exploit – the lowest wages anywhere in the world.  At the same time some nations see massive influxes of foreign workers, who understandably want to improve their lives, but the result of their movement places enormous strains upon local services and can suppress wages.

In a nutshell, globalism forces the poorest to escape their own counties (whether they be ‘poorer’ nations within Europe, which have unlimited access, or nations outside of Europe) to seek work in, what has been termed, a ‘supposed European Eldorado’.

However, this has made slaves of us all!

Indeed, mass immigration has created a new ‘war’ between the poor of all nations.  Here, indigenous workers (the ‘old slaves’) find themselves un or under employed as capitalism indiscriminately exploits immigrant workers on an industrial scale.  These immigrants have become the ‘new slaves’

Capitalists will ‘justify’ their actions by claiming that British workers are lazy and don’t want to work anymore.  They also say that immigrants do jobs that Britons don’t want to do anymore.

This is a lie.  The truth is that many Britons will not accept the starvation wages they are offered.  Would anyone actually work for wages that are below their survival threshold?

The National Liberal party once again calls for an end to mass, inorganic and unrestricted immigration.

We have no problem with immigrants per sae (as apart from political refugees who are always welcome) who can bring much-needed skills to the workplace.  However, we accept that unlimited immigration can put an intolerable strain on our social support infrastructure.  We need to strike a healthy balance.  We have to block unrestricted immigration (which is largely EU driven) before it goes well beyond the tolerance threshold.

We need to stop such levels of immigration before we all – indigenous as well as immigrant worker – become absolute slaves to globalism!

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