Sunday, 14 April 2024

Love Is In The Air

IN FOUR DAYS TIME – on 14th February – it’ll be Valentines Day. Also known  as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, it’s generally considered as a celebration of romance.  With thin in mind, and to mark Valentines Day itself, our friends and comrades at Free Speech: How Do We Protect It? have just produced a special Love Free Speech poster (pictured at top right).  This follows the example of our friends and comrades from Nations without States, who produced a Love Your Nation – Love Your People poster last year.  It can be seen at above left.

For those who don’t know, Nations without States – NwS – is a pressure group which was established to highlight the plight of peoples who aspire to nationhood.  As the NwS Facebook page– notes, these ‘might be based on peoples or tribes based within a state or even across borders that may or may not have been independently organised in the past.  They might have a linguistic or historical separateness from their neighbours or fellow citizens.  However, all will aspire to recognition, autonomy or independence.

As Self-Determinists, the group NwS will support the right of all such peoples to determine their future whatever they wish that to be. This includes for example the Kurds, Flemish, Sikhs and Tamils. A genuine Self-determinist supports the right of self-determination globally where it is based upon a sound and just position and is supported by the majority of its ‘national’ community. The slogan ‘what is right for me is right for you’ simplifies why genuine nationalism is actually an inter-nationalist creed, quite separate to chauvinism which seeks advantage for one nation at the expense of others.’

We feel that the NwS poster reinforces the positive message that Self-Determination is all about love of one’s own & not hatred of others.

The poster produced this year by Free Speech: How Do We Protect It? is a positive one as well.  It reflects the concept of ‘free thought, free speech & free assembly for all,’ which should be a universal principle.  Their Facebook site – – expands on this idea by stating:

‘We believe that Britain should have a formal constitution and bill of rights, based on the concept of civil and religious liberties for all. We also feel that a civil rights watchdog should be established to protect the people’s ability to make use of these rights.

We believe in absolute free speech with very few exceptions to this rule – say for those who promote violence. Either we all have rights – or none of us has rights. We support civil and religious liberties for all.’

Free Speech is particularly interested in cases whereby ‘elements of the State’ are ‘trying to curtail free speech.’  However, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that a bizarre combination of Big Tech multinational capitalist corporations and woke Metropolitan ‘socialists’ are doing the bidding of the State in terms of censorship.

Both Nations without States & Free Speech should be congratulated on their positive Valentines Day-related posters.  Fighting for Self-Determination & freedom of speech can be a daunting prospect, as both causes involve dealing with powerful vested interests – particularly in terms of the State & multinational corporations.  Fortunately, however, neither group is interested in simply moaning or, even worse, acting in a purely reactive manner.

Whilst many people would be downbeat and disillusioned, those involved with NwS & Free Speech remain upbeat.  Both groups are working to a strategy, which involves the building the infrastructure of an alternative mass media of news, views, information, culture, sport  & entertainment.  The production of these respective posters is a both a reflection of their positive outlook for the future and a strong conviction in respect of their ideals.

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