Saturday, 15 June 2024

Look out for KV1

ISSUE 1 of Kent Voice will be out soon! And as we noted in a previous article (Issue 1 of Kent Voice coming soon! of 07/11/12) it will examine the subject of animal cruelty.

Taking the style of an interview with John Botting – the National Liberal Party’s Kent Representative and National Coordinator of the National Liberal Supporters Club – Kent Voice looks at four specific types of animal cruelty. They are:

“ … testing on animals, ritual slaughter, factory farming and the disgusting practice of exporting live animals.”

The interview reveals that John has been a long-standing opponent of ‘the sick practice’ of using Beagles being forced to inhale cigarette smoke. He was also actively involved in opposing the cosmetics company Revlon having their products tested on rabbits. Here Draize tests were used – these involved putting a substance in the eye or on the skin of an immobilised rabbit, and then observing and recording the results.

Of ritual slaughter, John supports the view of Marianne Thieme, head of the Dutch Animal Rights Party, who has noted:

“This way of killing causes unnecessary pain to animals. Religious freedom cannot be unlimited. For us religious freedom stops where human or animal suffering begins.”

The Kent NLP man also slated modern intensive farming methods – especially battery farming, which he describes as a barbaric system.” He also attacked the “the cruel and unnecessary trade” of exporting animals for slaughter.

As we noted earlier, Kent Voice will be out fairly soon. To pre-order your copy of KV1, simply e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask for your FREE pdf copy to be sent to you as soon as it’s available!

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