Friday, 19 April 2024

Look out for issue 2 of the Isle of Wight Voice!
REGULAR READERS will know that the National Liberal Party has just produced issue 1 of Kent Voice. It represents the first in a whole host of new papers and magazines which are due to hit the streets in the next few weeks.

Next up is issue 2 of the Isle of Wight Voice. In fact, the IoWV was our first agitprop paper – with the first issue making its appearance in April of last year. Indeed, its simple format and style – double-sided, glossy, full-colour A4 – proved to be so popular that all of our other agitprop publications have been based on it!

Issue 1 of the IoWV examined unemployment on the island. At the time, youth unemployment rates were appalling:

“Over 12% of 18-24 year olds here are out of work. That’s more than double the regional average, which stands at 5.4%. And it’s way above the national average of 8.1%.”

The unique flag of the Isle of Wight was officially launched in April 2009. In 2012, the island saw issue 1 of the NLPs highly popular Isle of Wight Voice. Issue 2 will be out soon!

The NLPs Glen Maney – who was interviewed by the IoWV – called upon the Con-Dem Government to do more. He noted that one of the most beautiful parts of England was sitting on a social and economic time-bomb. “If Islanders can’t find work, we’ll start facing the serious social problems associated with long term unemployment.”

Glen noted that there was plenty of money in the UK pot, but ordinary working families just don’t get a look in and concluded that Cameron and Clegg’s austerity measures were an absolute “disgrace.”

In the very near future we’ll provide an update on the progress – and general theme – of issue 2.

In the meantime, to get hold of issue 1 of the Isle of Wight Voice, simply e-mail and ask for your FREE pdf copy!

Once issue 2 of the Isle of Wight Voice is published, look out for issue 1 of Nation and issue 2 of Freedom (both from Nations without States) and issue 155 of Fourth World Review following hot on their heels.

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