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Liberal Future: Guernsey, Manx and Jersey Youth Say BreXit Now!


Liberal Future: Guernsey, Manx and Jersey Youth Say BreXit Now!

ON 23rd JUNE 2016 the electorate of the United Kingdom went to the polls.  But this wasn’t any election – it was the EU referendum – and it saw 51.9% of voters voting in favour of leaving the EU.  This was on a national turnout of 72%, the highest ever for a UK-wide referendum and the highest for any national vote since the General Election of 1992.

To put it bluntly, it was a bad day at the office for the establishment.

From an establishment point of view, things have now gone from bad to worse as 29th March this year saw Prime Minister Theresa May trigger Article 50.  This is the process by which member states may withdraw from the EU.

Both dates will now go down in history – despite numerous attempts to derail the verdict of the people.

Although the establishment was distraught about this unexpected turn of events, ordinary working folks were overjoyed.  Brendan O’Neill – editor of Spiked on-line – summed it up when talking about Article 50:
‘I’m so excited for the triggering of Article 50 on Wednesday. It will be one of the greatest moments in the history of British democracy. Britain’s largest ever democratic mandate, the most democratic cry ever made by this nation, will finally be acted upon. The political class will cut Britain off from the EU not because it wants to — it desperately doesn’t want to — but because the people have told it that it must. Both the British elite and the Euro-elite will bow before the British masses on Wednesday and accept that we understand politics and democracy better than they do. It’s going to be glorious.’
Liberal Future believes that ordinary working folks in Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Jersey would also feel this way.  However, as our artwork notes, the peculiar position of these islands meant that they couldn’t vote in the EU referendum itself.  But, as we state, given the independence of spirit of the make up of the , LF feels that they would have voted for freedom.

How can we be so confident in saying this?  In short, we feel that the EU referendum result effectively saw ordinary voters sticking two fingers up to the establishment and elites who run the EU.  The electorate had had enough of being dictated to and delivered their verdict accordingly.

We’ll examine this idea in a little more detail in a forthcoming article in this Liberal Future BreXit Now! series.  We also understand that this idea of the electorate revolting against the establishment will feature as the lead article in issue 1 of Devon Voice – the voice of the National Liberal Party in Devon – which will be out in the very near future.
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