Thursday, 20 June 2024


The National Liberal Party has today (August 20th) launched a month long recruitment campaign.

The period will be marked by a number of events and materials explaining some of the party’s policies and why it is important to take part in the country’s political life.

Launching the campaign with a new leaflet, National Secretary Glen Maney, said The National Liberal Party offers a set of progressive policies in the interests of the people, the nation and the environment. It is this fusion of fresh progressive policies which are both liberal and patriotic that makes us unique from parties of the left, right and centre. However, it is only by joining and helping to promote these policies that we can hope to make Britain a country we can be proud to live in. Join us in that quest!”

The new leaflet, for distributing to friends and family, focuses on five key policies covering those areas of most interest to the party. Namely these are:

CIVIL LIBERTIES – We would create a Civil Liberties Watchdog Commission to specifically ensure our personal freedoms are not eroded.

DEMOCRACY – We would introduce into law the use of Referendums which allows the people to vote on major issues such as Europe inc. renegotiating the Lisbon Treaty, Nuclear power and immigration which directly affect the people. This works particularly well in Switzerland.

ENVIRONMENT – We would raise a higher tax on companies not meeting emission targets which we’d reinvest in new technologies and support new initiates e.g. ensure all new properties include solar panelling.

NHS – We would halt the privatisation of the Health Service by codifying in law that the NHS, rather than the private sector, should be the preferred provider in the health service. We would increase funding into national priorities such as the NHS by ending our costly involvement in overseas conflicts.

ECONOMY – We would promote small businesses and co-operatives and introduce a degree of economic protectionism to help protect jobs. We would invest heavily in Apprenticeships to increase our youth’s work based skills.

If you like some of these policies please join the National Liberal Party and help us promote our ideas. Membership is just £25 (£20 unwaged) You may join using your debit or credit card via the website by using the join button or by a cheque payable to the ‘National Liberal Party’ and sent to the NLP, PO Box 4217, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 4PJ

If you like the leaflet why not print it off from the resource section under Party Organisation of this site or send off for 100 copies and distribute them to your family, friends and neighbours. Just send a cheque/Postal Order for £6 (made payable to National Liberal Party) to our Hornchurch address.

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