Saturday, 15 June 2024

Jagdeesh Says … This Is Blatant Institutionalised Discrimination!

Jagdeesh Singh believes that the Establishment has a policy of institutionalised discrimination against Sikhs.

JAGDEESH SINGH – the National Liberal Party candidate for Ealing Southall – has condemned a recent statement and proposal by Conservative Home Secretary, Theresa May.

May suggested that anti- Muslim hate crimes would be given their own category, as is currently the way with anti-Semitic attacks. However, Mr Singh believes her statement and proposal represent a blatant form of institutionalised discrimination.

Jagdeesh was reacting to Home Secretary Teresa May’s speech at a Foundation for Peace event held earlier this month in London. Here, and with one eye on the forthcoming general election, she said: “A Conservative government would require the police to be recording Muslim hate crime, anti-Muslim incidents, as well as anti-Semitic incidents.”

The National Liberal Party echoes Mr. Singh’s views. We believe that either we all have rights – or none of have rights.

As a proud Sikh, Mr Singh has expressed revulsion at the British government not recognising “hate crimes against Sikhs.”

Although hate crimes against Muslims will be given special importance on a par with hate crimes against Jews, “there’s absolutely no recognition for hate crimes against Sikhs!”

Jagdeesh continued:

“Sikhs have suffered serious to intermittent hate crimes following 9-11. A Sikh was severely attacked in Noth Wales in January 2015. It received zero mainstream media attention and no response from the Tory/Lib-Dem coalition government, nor Labour.”

Mr Singh, 44, also speaks from bitter personal experience. In September 2004 – in Coventry – he was the victim of a vicious attack.

Jagdeesh believes that this non-recognition of attacks on Sikhs is a form of “enduring discrimination, from top down” and is “morally criminal.”

“Attacking a Sikh is clearly not as serious as attacking a Jew or Muslim.”

We believe that Jagdeesh is right here. We are opposed to any ‘hierarchy of suffering.’ If we are to collect information relating to various attacks, this information must include everything that – statistically – can be of use. This includes race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation and religion.

Jagdeesh correctly points out that Sikhs will now effectively become ‘Third-Class Victims.

“Both Labour and Tories have ignored and neglected Sikhs who are one of Britain’s most positively contributing and enhancing communities. It is a powerful demonstration to Sikhs how unrecognised and undervalued they are by these two politically domineering parties, who like to pick and choose rather than be equal and consistent.”

We also note that Teresa May doesn’t seem to be bothered about attacks on Christians, Pagans or Athesits. Why not? Are they merely viewed as ‘Fourth, Fifth and Sixth-Class Victims?’

By only ‘recognising’ attacks on Jews and Muslims, the Establishment is guilty of promoting a blatent policy of institutional discrimination. No single faith or group should be given special treatment. ALL hate crimes against ALL faiths and groups should be recorded.

May’s proposal is blatent discrimination in favour of one group.

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