Saturday, 15 June 2024

From The Liberty Wall – Nations without States Debate (2) – How Should Self-Determinists View Mass Immigration?

NATIONS without States acknowledges that mass immigration is largely driven by economic factors. We feel that – for the capitalist elite – the importing of large numbers of people into different countries is, as far as ther are concerned, a long-term investment. The indigenous elderly – as well as the indigenous underclass, of course – do not fill their coffers to the same extent and are therefore ‘expendable.’

Globalists also welcome (and possibly encourage?) mass immigration as it enables them to force down both wages and living standards. The only people who gain from such a policy are the super-rich elites – they make increasing profits whilst both indigenous peoples and newcomers scrabble around for a slice of a rapidly diminishing pie.

Indeed, whilst discussing the impact the EU has had on Scotland, issue 2 of Caledonian Voice had this to say:

Additionally, we feel that the EU holds no loyalty to the nations or peoples of Europe itself. Look at its policy of allowing the ‘free movement of capital and labour’ between EU member states. This has meant that Scottish industry has ‘upped sticks’ and chased – and exploited – the lowest wages across Europe.”

(To get hold of your FREE pdf copy of Caledonian Voice, simply e-mail natliberal@aol and ask for issue 2 of to be sent to you as soon as possible.)

Globalism drives mass – and uncontrolled - immigration.

However, it must be acknowledeged that many Self-Determinists remain suspicious of their respective ‘governments.’ Whilst not alleging any ‘conspiracy’ is in operation, they do feel that mass (and uncontrolled) immigration is a tactic deliberately used by the establishment to alter the racial, ethnic and religious make up of different nations and regions.

Self-Determinists also say that mass immigration also highlights a democratic deficit in that indigenous peoples have never been consulted on this policy. This appears to be true of most continents.

For this second NwS debate, we’d like to gain the perspective of all Self-Determinists on the subject of mass immigration. For instance, how does it (or how would it) impact on your region or nation? For instance, how stable would Khalistan be with a substantial non-Sikh population? Could a future Tamil Eelam ever be at peace if Tamils do not have the right to say no to a massive influx of Sinhalese? Could Catalonia ever achieve independence if the Spanish establishment effectively occupied it via an aggressive policy of Spanish immigration?

The debate will be held on the Nations without States facebook page!/groups/184919468292372/

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