Sunday, 16 June 2024

From The Liberty Wall – Nations without States – What Must Be Done (6)
WHAT MUST BE DONE (6): Welcome to issue 6 of What Must Be Done, the publically-available organising bulletin of Nations without States. NwS supporters are asked to read – and more importantly – act upon the instructions detailed below:

• SELF-DETERMINATION DAY. On 22 May, elections will take place throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. Here, 73 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will be elected using a system of proportional representation. The National Liberal Party is standing eight candidates in London – they will be standing on a platform of Self-Determination For All!

With this in mind, we have dubbed the day of the vote ‘Self-Determination Day’ as it gives everyone who belongs to a captive nation (and who are currently living in London) the chance to send a message to Europe and the rest of the world that they want their freedom and self-determination!

What Must Be Done asks that all Self-Determinists should spread the word – tell others that to promote their national cause, they need to vote in large numbers (with other communities looking for freedom) in the European Parliamentary elections for the party list ‘National Liberal Party – Self-Determination For All!

• DONATE! We have eight brave candidates who are willing to stand up for their people and nations and demand Self-Determination For All! Are you willing to support them? Can you help us run a really effective campaign? We still need money to pay for the printing and delivery of a leaflet to at least a million homes in London. This will cost £6,500 (posted free via the Royal Mail).

Please donate what you can – large or small – using either of these three simple methods:

i) via PayPal at (please type in the reference NWS)

ii) by post to NLP, PO Box 4217, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 4PJ

iii) or send a pledge to

• GET ACTIVE! If you want to get involved in our Self-Determination For All! Campaign, then contact today! In the early stages of our campaign, we will be relying on activism via Social Media. However, nearer the vote we want to put as many feet on the streets as possible!

With this in mind, we would ask as many people as possible to join the following Twitter feeds @NATIONAL_LIBERA and @Self_Determ_Day General and specific information relating to Self-Determination for the captive nations – as well as our campaign – will be released via these two feeds. We would like anyone who currently has a Twitter account to retweet everything and anything – relating to Self-Determination – that appears on these two feeds.

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