Tuesday, 25 June 2024

From The Liberty Wall – St. George’s Committee – Promoting English Heritage and Culture

The 2013 Stone Cross St George’s Parade held in West Bromwich. This is the largest St. George’s Day celebration in the world

AFTER many years, the people of England are now rising and celebrating their great heritage, culture and Identity.

Supporting this, the St. George’s Committee, an independent patriotic network is doing all it can to develop an informal network, where anyone who loves England and its heritage can join with others and celebrate.

Occasions the St. George’s Committee (SGC) has supported have included the Stone Cross St George’s Parade, the largest celebration in the world with over 25,000 people attending. If every a patriot is in doubt about the rising English awareness, then please attend this event, it will not only amaze you, by the shear size of it, but it will also inspire you to action in our fight for equality, freedom and justice for England.

More than simply celebrating St. George’s Day, the SGC seeks to build a national network of local committee’s, where patriots can meet together and promote English heritage, culture and Identity. We seek to provide a platform and network to support patriots and develop awareness.

We seek to educate and already the SGC has donated cards and educational posters to schools, providing information and resources to the young, offering them an insight into the great history of England.

But this is only the start, with our long-term goal being the establishment of English community centres, where we can provide local communities with a place to come together, welcoming of all where we can look into activities and support for those with England in their hearts.

To do this the SGC needs dedicated people, many of us have busy lives, with work and family, but we also need to have fun, relax and enjoy ourselves and what better way to do this than in the company of like minded people. Sadly in many of our cities and towns now, there is no longer that community spirit or support. This is something we need to redevelop and build upon.

So if you can spare a few hours a month, why not look to develop a local SGC in your area, we can all do something, so why not get involved and build a local committee?

Anyone interested, please email: thesecretary@mail.com

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