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From The Liberty Wall – St. George’s Committee Debate (4) – Can English Culture Survive Under Westminster Rule?

Edward Elgar (top left), William Shakespeare (top right), Morris Dancers (bottom left) and Harold Godwinson (bottom right) the last Anglo-Saxon king of England. Many English Advocates argue that it’s impossible for English culture to survive under Westminster rule. What do you think?

“We, the St. George’s Committee are a national network of English patriots, some in informal community groups, who are now working together to promote English values and customs.

Welcoming of all, we want to promote our great heritage, culture and Identity, develop local community groups and activities. Operating as an independent cultural group, we are non-political.”

THE WHOLE raison d’être of the St. George’s Committee is to preserve, protect and promote English history, heritage, traditions, identity and culture. And as our preamble (above) notes we are a strictly non-political organisation.

However, many English Advocates are now beginning to wonder if it’s possible to promote Ango-centric ideas whilst England is wedded to Westminster. Indeed, some wonder if it’s possible for England – and the English – to survive whilst being ruled by Westminster.

The reasoning of such English Advocates is simple:

First of all, there’s a clear distinction between the English nation and the British state. Many English folks tend to think that Britian equals England but it’s clear that they are not the same. Following on from this, it’s easy to see that Westminster is not an English Parliament.

Whilst Westminster is situated in the heart of London it simply doesn’t represent ordinary English working folks. Indeed, English Advocates view Westminster (and the politicians who inhabit it) as merely the plaything of the local representatives of Globalism – the super-rich British elite.

Secondly, English Advocates state that the members of the super-rich British elite have no real interest or loyality to England or the English. They are only interested in consumerism and materialism. Their loyalty is to their profit margins and subsequent bank balance.

If Westminster is the plaything of Globalism it would have absolutely no interest in any attempts to ‘preserve, protect and promote English history, heritage, traditions, identity and culture’.

The St. George’s Committee feels that these English Advocates have made some valid points here. Therefore, we’d like to pose the following question: Can English Culture Survive Under Westminster Rule?

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