Saturday, 15 June 2024

From The Liberty Wall – Nations without States – Fight For Freedom!

THE ORGANISING COMMITTEE of Nations without States – NwS – hopes to produce new issues of both Freedom and Nation in the very near future. Freedom is the Street Paper of Nations without States – whilst Nation is the Newsletter of Nations without States. Both are aimed at totally different markets. We’ll examine the role of Nation in a future article. Here we just wish to concentrate on Freedom.

Freedom acts as our ‘Red Top’ paper. Essentially it’s a populist agitprop street paper, which’ll be used as a regular leaflet. It’s aimed at those who read the Star, Mirror and Sun. It features screaming – and sometimes provocative – headlines, graphics, photographs and straightforward reporting. The idea behind Freedom is to provide a simple introduction to the concept of self-determination.

It’s our intention that Freedom – with its no-nonsense and straight-to-the-point style – will initially grab the attention of its target audience. It then has to wean its target audience away from the X Factor, Hello! and various soaps. Then the long process of education must begin.

With this in mind, NwS invites supporters to read the Fight For Freedom! article below. This is the shorter of two versions that have been used as a simple introduction to NwS and the idea of Self-Determination in Freedom.

The NwS Organising Committee wishes to know if there are any ways that it can be improved? Remember the idea behind Freedom is to alert people to the idea of Self-Determination. NwS can then educate and recruit these people. The idea here is to produce quality from quantity and not vice-versa. NwS must first have a large quantity base from which to pluck its quality personnel.

To submit your ideas simply look out for this article when it appears on the Nations without States Facebook page and have your say in the comments section.

Fight For Freedom!

Issue 1 – 4 of Freedom, the Street paper of Nations without States. Issue 5 will be out soon. Aimed at readers of the Sun, Star and Mirror, the idea behind Freedom is to provide a simple introduction to the concept of Self-Determination.

FREEDOM is the street paper of Nations without States. Nations without States – NwS – is a Facebook group formed in March 2012. It is sponsored by the National Liberal Party.

NwS has supporters from all over the world. All are different. And all are proud of their heritage, history and culture. But we are all able to come together and work to help each other achieve self-determination and freedom.

Freedom has two aims:

Firstly, it wants to highlight the fight for self-determination and freedom we face here.

Secondly, it wants to tell ordinary working people based in the British Isles about the different nations around the world who are fighting for self-determination and freedom.

We think that these people deserve our support.

They are all like us. They all want self-determination and freedom.

They just want to have the right to run their countries for themselves. They don’t want any outside interference. Like those of us who are opposed to the EU, they are fed up with Politically Correct outsiders telling them what they can and cannot do.

In fact, we all want the same thing.

We all want a real say in the way our countries are run. And we want the right to make our own laws, rules and regulations.

We all want to keep our traditions, customs and way of life. And we want the right to say how we work, who we trade with and who can come to live and work in our countries.

Freedom thinks that it is right for the different peoples and countries of the world to work together for these aims.

Above all, we all just want to live in peace and freedom.

If you agree with what we say check us out on Facebook today!


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